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Top Marijuana States that Legally Treat PTSD. Andre Cuomo is the New York Governor for the Democratic Party and he made some headlines recently when he announced the legislation that he signed and approved to aid those suffering from PTSD. Governor Cuomo has now joined other top marijuana states in doing the same thing for the men and women of the U.S. military. There are now officially 28 marijuana states that have PTSD as one of the chronic illnesses that qualify for cannabis treatment. This number has seen a sharp and noticeable increase since 2015. This indicates that people are accepting marijuana as an alternative treatment for various kinds of diseases. Alaska is the 29th state that does give permission to individuals over the age of 20 to purchase marijuana through the medical cannabis program, but it does not have PTSD on its list of qualifying conditions.

The Legal Move

This move to make so many marijuana states legally include PTSD on their list of qualifying medical condition is not only a good move, but a welcomed one for veteran's groups that have always been advocates of marijuana legalization for treating PTSD. Many of these military men and women have been given pharmaceutical prescriptions in the form of antidepressant and opioids for their post traumatic stress disorder. Some of them walk around like zombies, hurting tremendously and not finding comfort in the treatment that they are receiving. There are some military personnel that have benefited from medical marijuana, but only got accepted into the program because they had other medical conditions including PTSD.

American Legion

The American Legion with its 2.2 million members have urged the feds to allow physicians that take care of army vets to offer prescribed medical cannabis in the top marijuana states that have legalized it. The Legion organization thinks that the feds should not have such strict regulations as it relates to cannabis research for medical reasons. In past years, the organization would never have been on the medical marijuana bandwagon. It now shows how far we have come with medical cannabis. Now let us look at the marijuana states that have embraced PTSD and added it to the list of qualifying medical conditions.

The Outlook

California is one of the marijuana states that have legalized weed since 1996 and still has not added PTSD to its list of qualifying medical condition. 13 years later, New Mexico came on board and was the first state to legalize marijuana for PTSD treatment. Since 2014, there are more states that have added PTSD to their list and this includes the state of California too.

State of Colorado

The state of Colorado is offering both recreational and medical marijuana in its legal program as long as you are a valid cannabis patient. Patients are still expected to pay the basic sales tax when buying weed, but they are exempt from paying high excise taxes. Patients with PTSD are included.

State of New Mexico

The state of New Mexico caught on quickly as it relates to the opioid epidemic found among army veterans and so have added PTSD and other medical conditions to its list such as epilepsy, cancer, severe chronic pain and HIV/AIDS.

State of Nevada

The state of Nevada is another one of the top marijuana states to have PTSD as one of the qualifying conditions listed in its medical cannabis program. On the list is also severe pain, cancer and seizures.

State of Minnesota

In Minnesota, marijuana is not allowed to be smoked. Instead, medical cannabis patients can only have a thirty ay supply of concentrates, oils and edibles. PTSD patients should be aware of this as well as people suffering from other conditions such as chronic pain, cancer, severe muscle spasms and inflammatory bowel disease.

State of Delaware

In the state of Delaware, PTSD patients can make use of the medical marijuana program, but only if been seen and certified or approved by a licensed psychiatrist.

In Phoenix, there is a government-approved clinical trial for treating PTSD using marijuana. However, the results may not be available for another two years. Let's just watch and see.

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