Top Legal Substance Use Worse Than Cannabis Use

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There are legal substances that are worse than cannabis use; even some people still don't get the full scope of it. The federal government has a list of substances that are illegal, but there are also some that they have deemed legal as well. The feds still have cannabis use as illegal and in fact, they have labeled it a dangerous substance, even with so many proven instances of it being helpful in improving so many people's health.

The prohibition of cannabis use started in the 1930s. And this is despite the fact that marijuana is used in the cultural and medical community. The feds agreed to prohibit weed on a national scale, even though, their decision had nothing to do with science. It is a travesty because then it restricts advanced research to find out more. And, it is even more of a travesty that there are worse damaging and dangerous substances that have been made legal for consumption. Let us take a look at some of these and the damage that they cause.

The Women and Their Beauty

Women especially spend lots of money on skin products and beauty products, even while some of them have dangerous ingredients in them such as synthetic additives. When used over time, women can begin to see bad skin conditions, for example with their beauty and skin products. Other everyday products that consumers use can be hazardous to the health rather than cannabis use even on a daily basis.

Added Sugar

Believe it or not, added sugar in any product is not good for anyone, whether you are a woman or not. It is legal for you to purchase sugar and products that contain sugar, but it can give diabetes and other medical conditions and yet it is easily available on the grocery shelf. It is safe to say that consumption of added sugar is bad for you in comparison to cannabis use. If you are going to consume sugar, it is best to do so by eating whole grains and fruits that usually have natural sugars. These kinds of natural sugars are bound up to form proteins, fats and fiber that aid in releasing natural sugar into your bloodstream. This is the healthiest way to do it. So, if you are already getting healthy sugar from fruits and veggies, why would you need to consume added sugar that is unhealthy?

And why would the FDA make the added sugar so easily and legally available when it is obvious that it is unhealthy? It is all about the money, of course. And cannabis use is healthier and so why don't they legalize it for healthy consumption?

It might be a threat to the pharmaceutical companies and other big corporations. Added sugar is known to contribute to diabetes, cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity and other medical conditions.

Caffeine and Energy Drinks

So many people in America and all over the world cannot start their day without consuming caffeine and energy drinks and yet these are not healthy, especially when they are consumed over time. If you are not careful, you could have a caffeine overdose, if you drink too much coffee in addition to energy drinks in one day. However, the opposite is true for cannabis use. You will never be overdosed.

Fast Food

There are so many fast food restaurants in the United States and all over the globe. McDonald's and Burgher King are the most popular. It is a quick way to grab a bite when you are on the go, but when done long term and more often, it can damage your health in more ways than one. Cannabis use does not. You can make cannabis edibles and eat as snacks and it will never be damaging to your health.

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