Reasons Why Women Are Becoming Cannabis Users

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There are several reasons why females are becoming cannabis users. Everyone is used to this industry being dominated by men who love to smoke weed or take it medically. Now females are jumping onboard; possibly because they now see its many benefits. It is no longer a taboo to see a woman smoking weed, eating an edible or using a vape pen. And, most women who do consume weed no longer care about being ostracized or criticized for their new habit. The demographics have definitely changed for the better.

Some women might have discovered the benefits of marijuana and decided to become cannabis users as a result. But, it goes without saying that they are accepting the fact that cannabis is being made legal for the medical community, but in some states, it is also legal to recreational users and so this has gotten the attention of both females and males.

In trying to discover the benefits, these women want to be relieved of their own female symptoms and so most women are consuming it medically. Let us look at some of the medical conditions that females become cannabis users to relieve. Of course, we will begin with the women's menstrual cycle.

The Menstrual Cycle

There are so many women who go through a terrible time during their monthly period. Some of them have excruciating stomach pain while others might have chronic migraines and other symptoms. For this reason, there are more females turning to marijuana as a form of relief while they go through their menstrual cycle. Cannabis is proven to reduce the pain that women feel while trying to endure those menstrual cramps. Cannabis reduces and relieves the effect of the menstrual cramps, bloating, nausea and headaches.

THC, which is an active compound in marijuana, is not the only thing that does the magic, but it is the main one. It has properties that are anti-inflammatory; helping to reduce the cramps and bloating, pain and headaches. It also helps to suppress the nausea due to its anti-emetic properties.


When a woman finds herself having a migraine at certain times of the month, she does not look forward to it. But, who would? And so to relieve the pain, she becomes one of the cannabis users after finding out that it can relieve her migraine. Even, if a woman is not having her periods, she can experience a migraine at any time of the month. Cannabis users that are female know the benefit of consuming weed to get rid of a headache or migraine.

Improve Intimacy 

Some women who are cannabis users attest to the fact that it improves intimacy with their partner. Yes, the right amount of weed consumed could make a difference in the bedroom. You might not have expected us to mention this one, but it is real. Cannabis helps the female to relax and get ready for intimacy. It is said that THC increases a woman's sensitivity to a man's touch, which is essential during intercourse, especially for women.

Depression and Anxiety

The good news for women is that as cannabis users with a propensity for being depressed, there is proof that THC can help to relieve the symptoms. In fact, women are more likely to go through depression and anxiety than most men. The THC will help a woman to change the way that she might have looked at things. It keeps her relaxed and changes any negative viewpoints and ideologies.

Manage Weight

Regular cannabis users that happen to be female are on a path to losing weight or managing their weight. Cannabis helps to do both. In the United States alone, obesity is a problem and so is diabetes. Weight control is important to balance the body and get rid of these problems.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is usually a female problem. Female cannabis users know that marijuana has the ability to treat this illnesses; shrinking cancerous cell growths and tumors. The compounds that are found in marijuana tend to restrain the action of the Id-1 gene, which is responsible for aggressively growing cancer cells. For all these reasons, women have become cannabis users and will continue to do so.

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