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In the state of Maine, any physicians or certified nurse practitioner is allowed to recommend medical cannabis for patients who have been diagnosed with any of the state-legislated qualifying medical conditions or disorders. Once a patient receives a written or recommended certification from one of the approved pot docs, then the patient is able to visit the local marijuana dispensary to buy cannabis for medical purposes.

The Number of Cannabis Docs

There are in excess of three hundred medical providers located in Maine that are available to make those certifications and recommendations for patients to quickly obtain their MMJ cards. Medical marijuana doctors or what we call ‘pot docs' are approved by the state and put on a list of approved physicians. All have to run medical practices in the state of Maine. Most of the pot docs on the list are from various counties such as York, Cumberland and Penobscot.

The Cannabis Certification

When the Maine pot docs provide certification to an MMJ patient, the patient must have one of the qualifying medical conditions. After this is considered, the patient will receive a state-issued certified and signed document. This has to be a printed document on medical paper. The certified documents will state that the patient is permitted by law to consume or smoke cannabis for medical purposes, at least for a year. If a patient owns an MMJ registry card, it allows the patient to cultivate up to six marijuana plants and this has to be for only personal use and not for sale. The patient can purchase the medical marijuana from an assigned and local dispensary in Maine.

The Cannabis Re-Certification

The patient has to renew the certification status through the same or one of the other approved pot docs on the registry list. That is to make sure that it is valid for the next year. In addition, medical marijuana patients are allowed to possess at least 2.5 ounces of weed at any specific time. If any of the Maine pot docs diagnoses an illness that is severe or chronic, it still means that the disorder or medical condition must qualify before the patient can be approved for an MMJ card.  Now that we have gotten that out the way, let's look at some of the pot docs that are serving patients in the state of Maine.

Border State Consults

Border State Consults would be considered a boutique clinic for medical marijuana patients. It serves the entire state of Maine, providing an avenue for online appointments. This means that patients can get their medical marijuana cards on the Internet instead of going into an office. There is an evaluation cost of $150. If any of the pot docs think you are not qualified for the MMJ program, then there will be no cost incurred. You only pay if you qualify.

Integr8 Health

Integr8 Health provides services to qualified medical marijuana patients who are given a tamper-proof certifiable document to participate in the MMJ program run by the state of Maine. The certification allows patients to buy cannabis from a medical marijuana dispensary in the local area. The patient has to use the MMJ card as proof of being in the program.

Relief Clinic

The Relief Clinic, LLC is located in the city of Auburn. If you are in Auburn, you can go to this clinic for a recommendation and a certification to purchase medical marijuana. The providers are experienced and knowledgeable. They are focused on alternative medicine and in so doing are involved in the medical marijuana program.

Greenway Maine

At Greenway Maine, there are lots of online resources. They have a physician network that patients can take advantage of. The clinic has a lot of resources on the Internet that helps with the application process. After the application has been completed, patients will hear from a coach for additional instructions.

Canna Care Docs

Canna Care Docs is one of the providers with pot docs who are authorized, certified and licensed to give recommendations to medical cannabis patients in the state of Maine. The doctors here are quite knowledgeable and have been working with the MMJ program for quite some time.

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