Can CBD Cigarettes Cure Tobacco Addiction?

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Can CBD cigarettes cure tobacco addiction or is this mere hype? This question is not surprising as CBD (cannabidiol) has been purported in many quarters to be a cure for everything. But when it comes to tobacco addiction, the story is rather interesting as you will learn in this article. 

CBD cigarettes have become quite popular recently. They have been featured among the most searched CBD topics currently. It could be that cigars have always had a way with people, in spite of the associated health risks. But also, this could have been sparked by the curiosity to know whether CBD cigarettes can cure tobacco addiction. 

What Is A CBD Cigarette?

A CBD cigarette is just what the name implies; a cigarette made from hemp as opposed to tobacco. It follows that a CBD cigarette does not contain nicotine. 

In case you are also wondering whether a CBD cigarette could get you high, the answer is a resounding no. This should not happen as CBD is non-psychoactive. THC is the compound in weed that is responsible for the typical marijuana high. CBD cigarettes should contain less than 0.3% THC to be legal throughout the US. They are also called hemp cigarettes.

What’s The Problem with Tobacco?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), cigarette smoking causes the highest number of preventable deaths in the United States. It has the potential to destroy almost all the organs in the body. If you have seen the “scary” image of how the body of a smoker looks like, it’s not a joke. That’s why any potential cure for tobacco addiction is likely to cause a stir.

CBD And Tobacco Addiction; What Research Says

The preliminary findings of a study that was conducted in 2013 showed that CBD reduces tobacco use among smokers. The study concluded that the usefulness of CBD could be explored in this area.

Other studies have confirmed that tobacco addicts are turning to CBD to wean themselves off tobacco. One survey showed that CBD was effective in weaning 1 in 4 tobacco addicts. In this study, up to 40% of participants were able to successfully replace CBD cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes. 

Here’s the catch

CBD does not directly cure tobacco addiction. What it does is to provide a healthier alternative to quench the thirst for a tobacco joint. Hence, tobacco addicts get used to a safer alternative.

To understand this, one has to first comprehend the different aspects that contribute to tobacco addiction. Nicotine in and of itself has addictive properties physiologically speaking. However, chain smokers find emotional solace, stress relief, and anti-anxiety benefits from smoking tobacco. CBD cigarettes equally offer these benefits without causing physiological dependence. Additionally, CBD does not have the harmful effects of nicotine.

Can CBD oil provide similar benefits?

CBD oil has numerous health benefits, but it may not be as effective as CBD cigarettes when it comes to treating tobacco addiction. As much as CBD may help to relieve tensions, the act of lighting up is comforting to the habitual smoker.

4 Important Things To Know About CBD Cigarettes

                     -Be prepared for a dank smell

Most CBD cigarettes are unflavored; this means that the strong musty scent of hemp will be dominant. If you are a new user don’t be surprised if you get a bout of cough after your first puff. It may take a bit of getting-used-to before you start enjoying the experience.

                     -Get hemp-derived CBD cigarettes

Not all CBD is created equal; some may contain high amounts of THC. To avoid the intoxicating effects of marijuana, insist on hemp-derived CBD cigarettes. 

Hemp is legal in all the US states, it follows that hemp-derived CBD is also legal. If you live in a state where cannabis has not been legalized for recreational use then you need to go for the hemp-derived version. This will ensure that the product has negligible amounts of THC; less than 0.3% to be precise.

                     -CBD cigarettes offer additional health benefits

CBD cigarettes may help to reduce tobacco addiction. However, they offer additional benefits as they contain CBD in the first place.

Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis in this body. Through this interaction, CBD supports many functions in the body.

Research has shown that CBD has the following therapeutic benefits:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antidepressant
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-tumor benefits
  • Sleep promoting benefits
  • Smoke from CBD cigarettes is harmful

When anything is combusted before it is inhaled into the lungs it increases exposure to carcinogens. This is why smoking is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer. Unfortunately, this applies to any kind of smoking, be it tobacco, CBD, or THC joints.

Used occasionally, when the smoking urge strikes, CBD cigarettes may be perfectly healthy and effective in relieving the tobacco urge. However, if this is used over a long period, then the health benefits may be questionable. As much as the user may be wading off tobacco-related harmful effects, they will be exposing themselves to other health risks as well.

Consequently, safer CBD alternatives are always preferred when it comes to therapeutic use. However, since CBD is not as harmful or addictive as tobacco, it may provide a safe landing spot from where the tobacco addict can work their way out of addiction.

Can CBD cigarettes cure tobacco addiction? Research is highly suggestive of this, but the rest we will leave for you to judge.


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