Best Methods For Medical Cannabis Consumption
Best Methods For Medical Marijuana Consumption. Pill bottle with buds.

Best Methods For Medical Cannabis Consumption

The ideal way for patients to consume medical cannabis is going to be a personal decision for everyone. One of the reasons is that not every sickness is the same and all cannabis consumption methods of delivering medical cannabis have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will discuss the best methods of medical cannabis consumption.

The Smoking Method

Not everyone loves to smoke…period. However, smoking is an option for those who do. It will require inhalation of the smoke that comes from a joint, pipe, bowl or blunt. This is considered the most common and cost effective method of consuming medical cannabis. It also gives you a faster impact where the pain will subside sooner. It is quite easy to figure out the dosage. On the contrary, it can be too strong for some people's lungs. The combustion from the cannabis plant creates carbon monoxide and this can be overwhelming for some.

The Vaping Method

The vaping method is used when you don't want to use the smoking method. It is easier on the lungs. However, be sure to use a quality vaporizer. You have two options for vaporizers; one is portable and the other is used from a desktop. The desktop model is better for patients with serious illnesses. With this method, there is no combustion. In fact, the most popular models will allow the user to regulate the temperature and this directly targets certain cannabinoids. With the vaporizer, there is a higher level of accuracy for cannabinoid dosage. You will have little maintenance of your vaporizer equipment and you can carry it around without being seen. However, some vaporizers for medical cannabis consumption come at a high initial cost. You get a different kind of high than you do with smoking cannabis. The cannabis smoked from a vaporizer will taste different, but the flavor will be smooth and pure.

The Eating Method

If you are going to consume medical cannabis using the eating method, then it would be edibles. Once you eat the edibles, you will get the most of the cannabinoids. You can choose the kind of edibles you want since there are different ones such as candy, cookies, brownies, ice cream, cake, gummy bears, and soup. Try to choose cannabis strains that are lower in THC so that if you over eat, the edibles won't get you excessively high. The one thing to be cautious about is making sure you have the right dosage prior to making your edibles. When you consume edibles, you don't have to worry about combustion or toxins. However, the onset of the effect is slower than smoking or vaporizing. And so, if you are looking for relief from pain, this might not be the best way to consume medical cannabis.

The Sublingual Method

Many patients prefer the sublingual method where tinctures are dropped under the tongue, producing a quicker result. What are tinctures? It is made using cannabis plant that is extracted with alcohol, MCT oils or glycerin. The strength of the tincture will vary according to THC level. You will only need a few drops under your tongue to get it to work. In fact, you will feel the effects within minutes of using the sublingual method. This is considered the best method of medical cannabis consumption for children and special needs patients. Tinctures can be quite costly and some people might think it is not as tasteful either.

The Dabbing Method

Dabbing is the same as cannabis concentrate. It is also known as shatter, wax, rosin and butane hash. You would inhale the concentrate using a dab ring or dabber. This method of consumption is the strongest, but it is also fast and efficient for those looking for immediate medical impact.


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