London Pound Cake Strain Complete Info & Review
yellow trichomes on marijuana plant, London pound cake strain

London Pound Cake Strain

If there is anything that we love about the pot world, it is the plethora of options you get to choose from. You find yourself in awe when you discover a new strain. A few days back, we came across the London Pound Cake strain and haven't been able to get it off our minds.

We know, the name itself is tempting enough to give it a try, but more than that, it’s the vivid profile and the mysterious parent of the strain that irked our curiosity. We never keep a good strain to ourselves, and so, have decided to share this.

London Pound Cake Strain Genetics

An indica-dominant hybrid from the breeders at California-based Cookies Fam Genetics, London Pound Cake is a cross between Sunset Sherbet, Lemon Sherbet and a very mysterious other parent that we assume has its origins in London. has 70% of Indica in its composition. With a high THC content of nearly 30%, this incredible strain is a hard hitter.

London Pound Cake Strain Yield

About 4 weeks into flowering, the London Pound Cake strain is capable of creating quite an aroma in a room. Growing London Pound Cake cannabis indoors may yield up to 9 to 11 ounces per square meter, where the outdoor yield is 10 – 13 ounces per plant.

London Pound Cake Strain THC Percentage

Many things about this strain remain a mystery, but the THC percentage isn’t one of those things. With a massive THC percentage around 29%, London Pound Cake is not suggested for rookies.

London Pound Cake Strain Aroma & Flavor

London Pound Cake offers a prominent berry and grape flavor, backed by sharp lemon and citrus overtones, of which the latter is prominent in the aroma of these good-looking buds.

London Pound Cake Strain Flowering Time

A lot of things about this strain are a bit of a mystery – and that includes information on growing. Growing information about this strain is scarce, but from what we have accumulated, flowering time is around 60 days – and you can expect dense buds with threads of orange hairs and frosty, amber-colored trichomes.

Medical Conditions that London Pound Cake Marijuana Strain Can Help

The colorful London Pound Cake will keep you happy, relaxed, and anxiety-free for hours. It is a delightful strain for just about anyone falling for the appealing name in the first place, but especially ideal for those feeling stressed out. If you are new to marijuana, you may want to take it a bit easy because this strain may send you straight to bed.  Just to be safe, enjoy it in the evening.

The London Pound Cake Strain is praised in medical spheres for its high THC content and relaxing capabilities. The combined mix of beneficial physical and pleasurable mental effects allows the users to battle their chronic pain, fatigue, or inflammation, along with battling issues like PTSD and depression. Even people suffering from migraines have found their relief here.

The strain is also known to cause a case of healthy munchies, which helps cancer patients and other people gain back their appetite and maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, this strain is known to induce creativity and positivity, helping with ADD and ADHD.

To Wrap It Up…

London Pound Cake is one of the strains that teases you with their appearance, aroma and the name itself, just wanting to be devoured. London Pound Cake strain is a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur or avid smoker. Enjoy the delectable, unique taste and benefits of this strain whenever you feel the need to chillax.


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