Home Marijuana Products Magic Flight Launch Box: a Top 10 Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box: a Top 10 Vaporizer

Magic flight launch box
Magic Flight Launch Box: a Top 10 Vaporizer
magic flight launch box
Magic Flight Launch Box: a Top 10 Vaporizer

Magic Flight Launch Box: A Top 10 Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box definitely holds itself as one of the best vapes in the top 10 vaporizer market. Not only is it made in the USA, unlike many other top vaporizers out there, but it also consist a quite unique wooden design. Users can choose Maple, Cherry or Walnut. Simplistic in nature, it is basically a wooden box with herb chamber carved into the top, alongside draw and air intake holes, and a battery port. What makes it so unique it the fact that it uses a single AA rechargeable battery to power it. The package contents of this top vaporizer come with two batteries and a rechargeable battery charging dock in order to power it. The batteries themselves come with rubber caps for the ends with make for easy cleaning (also provided is a high-quality cleaning brush). It is also one of the smallest and lightest vapes ever made, making it well worth the investment.

Strengths of this top 10 vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box is very effective when vaping even the smallest amount of substance. The fact is you can vape as little as 0.1g (slightly smaller than a pinch), allows the user complete customization in their experience. Even though an amount of 0.1g seems rather small, users will still be able to draw 5 to 8 hits from it. Since this top vaporizer was well constructed with no electrical parts, users can determine how much they want to inhale simply by choosing either how long they heat the herb for, and how slow or quickly they draw it in. The Magic Flight Launch Box also boasts an incredibly quick turnaround from setup to vaping. All users need to do is put the battery in, and then within 10 seconds or so, they are inhaling. This alone makes this one of the best vape pens available.

Minor flaws of this top vaporizer

There aren't really any major design flaws to comment on with the Magic Flight Launch Box, except for the fact that users will need to mix their herb up in between draws in order to get the best effect, however users can combat this by simply keeping the lid closed and shaking the herb up in between draws instead. This top vaporizer can also be considered to be slightly more expensive than other vape pens in the market, but is well worth the investment if you are able to get your hands on one due to its ease of use. However, you may have to consider purchasing or using a different grinder, as the grinder that is included does not really grind up herbs as fine and as well as it should. Users should know that if you try and inhale large chunks, it simply won't work.

The Magic Flight Launch Box, although incredibly simple in design, is still regarded as one the best vaporizers available. It works best for users looking for a handful of small draws at a time, but can also be used in those situations when you are looking for a longer and deeper hit.

We think the Magic Flight Launch Box is a Top 10 Vaporizer and is going to be for years to come.

The design may be dated, but it works, it's small, easy to carry, and hits nice and smooth.


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