Top Tips On How To Land A Job In The Cannabis Industry
Tips for Cannabis Workers

Top Tips On How To Land A Job In The Cannabis Industry

In a decade from now, many advocates and experts think that the cannabis industry will be worth more than fifty five billion dollars. Currently, there are only five hundred thousand Americans who have a part time or full time job in the area of cannabis. However, more jobs are coming on the market as the cannabis industry continues to expand. In 2018, for example, employment postings increased by a whopping four hundred and forty five percent inside the cannabis industry. To give you an idea of the astounding increase, in 2017, that same number was only eighteen percent.

The Cannabis Career

Careers in cannabis are definitely overtaking tech and healthcare jobs. The question now is where are all the jobs that are opening up in the cannabis industry? Well, the most significant growth is taking place in the states where marijuana has been legal since 2016. These states had the time to build the industry and begin hiring skilled workers and those who might be in training or just have interest to get a cannabis career. We have put together some really great tips on how you can land a cannabis job in the industry. We hope that you will take note of them so you can begin your own career in the cannabis industry.

The Flexibility

Most cannabis business these days in the industry could be considered startups. One of the reasons is that the cannabis industry is still a bit new for some people. As startups come on the scene, more jobs are opening up, but you might come from a big corporation and trying to start your new career in the cannabis industry. If this is the case, you should be flexible and understand that you may have to grow the cannabis startup business. In many cases, most of the new cannabis businesses do not yet have an established HR department. Therefore, you should be prepared to adapt to any flaws during the interviewing and hiring process.

Asking Questions

There are certain questions that you need to ask if you want to land a job in the cannabis industry. Make sure you ask about company funding, leadership, progress and future plans. Ask where the company has all of its operations, if it is more than one. Find out if the company specializes in only medical cannabis or both recreational and medical. The two important things to bear in mind are funding and licensing. Not every company in the marijuana industry needs a state license. However, most of the processors, retailers and growers do. Once the company comes in immediate contact with the marijuana plant, a license is mandatory.

Financial Stability

Another thing that matters for a company operating in the cannabis industry is financial stability. You don't want to go work for a company that doesn't have this sorted out. That means, the company must be well funded, even if it means securing investors. The company should be able to survive until the necessary funding arrives.

The Skills

Remember that there are many people vying for the same employment opening that you are seeking. For that reason, you should make sure that you have the skills to compete. And that is why cannabis training is so important. Employers will notice that right away. While an interest in the cannabis industry and a passion for advancement might be your ultimate goal, skill and training as well as experience are essential to most companies. Make sure that you get the right training to work in most position within the cannabis industry before you put in your application.

Being Prepared with Cannabis Certifications

Anyone looking to get a marijuana job should first enroll at a cannabis college like the #1 Cannabis reports rated one, Cannabis Training University. Being prepared with as much cannabis industry knowledge as possible is a no-brainer when going into a cannabis job interview. Spend the money on yourself and increase your chances of landing a marijuana job. You'll thank yourself later.

Final Thoughts

Let the employer know that you are prepared to wear many hats in the company and that your goal is advancement and learning the company's goals and the future of the industry. There are some days when you might have to package products and sometimes, you might have to start as a trimmer before you advance to the position that you are ultimately interested in.


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