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Marijuana Jobs:

We have noticed many places to find cannabis jobs on the internet.

Some cannabis jobs are easier to get than others. From our experience, the easiest cannabis job to get is that of a cannabis trimmer.

Cannabis trimmers get paid about $20 per hour, or up to $200 a pound of trimmed cannabis.

A marijuana trimmer job is most often found in states like California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, Oregon, or Maine.

Although cannabis trimmer jobs are found in any state that allows the cultivation of cannabis.

Another popular cannabis job is that of a budtender.

Bud tenders are like bartenders in a bar basically, but instead of alcohol, they serve cannabis and cannabis extractions.

Bud tenders make around $15 to $20 an hour and are usually knowledgable on cannabis strains, methods of cannabis extractions, and cannabis growing.

Another popular pot job is that of a manager of a dispensary or recreational pot shop.

From what we have gathered in the field, most dispensary manager jobs are filled by budtenders who have been working there for a while, or sometimes by someone with a strong background in retail management.

Marijuana jobs are some of the most sought after jobs in North America now because of the boom in the cannabis industry.

Since there are so many people looking for cannabis jobs it is a good idea to learn as much as possible about cannabis before applying to them.

This can be accomplished conveniently from home from our top-rated online cannabis college, Cannabis Training University, or if you are looking to sit down in a classroom, Oaksterdam University in Oakland California.

If you are looking for a listing of current cannabis jobs, or a marijuana job board, we have found these to be full of current marijuana jobs.

Anyone interested in a cannabis career would be best off getting educated first, then trying to begin networking in the industry with other people who are currently in it.

We recommend learning how to grow cannabis, and learning as much as possible about the cannabis plant, cannabis history, and cannabis laws and regulations so you can talk the talk when networking or applying to weed jobs.

Marijuana jobs are quite exciting and can lead to promising careers for some!

Getting your feet wet first as a cannabis trimmer might be the easiest way in.

But, keep in mind, the cannabis industry has thousands of jobs and needs people in areas that do not work with cannabis directly as well.

Some examples of those cannabis jobs that do not work with the plant itself are;
Cannabis Security
Cannabis Marketing
-Cannabis Advertising
Cannabis Web Development
Cannabis Extraction Machine Developer
-Cannabis Bong Producer
Cannabis Tours
-Cannabis Accountants
-Cannabis Lawyers
-Cannabis Doctors
-Cannabis Consultants
Cannabis Vaporizer Producer
-Cannabis Media
Cannabis Magazines
-Cannabis Websites
Cannabis Blogs
-Cannabis Credit Card Processors
-Cannabis Greenhouse Manufacturers
-Cannabis Grow Shops
-Cannabis Head Shops
-Cannabis Nutrient Developers
-Cannabis Blog Writers
-Cannabis Event Planning
-Cannabis Extraction Machines
-Cannabis Botanical Extractors
-Cannabis Activism
-Cannabis Packaging
-Cannabis Book Authors
-Cannabis Insurance Agents
-Cannabis Testing Labs

As you can see, the industry is full of opportunities for cannabis jobs and job seekers.

As with any industry, the cannabis industry needs all types of positions filled, not only those that work directly with the plant itself.

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, the amount of 420 jobs is expected to leap forward along with it.

Marijuana jobs are on the rise in America, Canada, Spain, Uruguay, Portugal, Australia, and other parts of the world.

The cannabis industry has brought new opportunities across the world and it is surely the new “Green Rush”.

Think outside the box and you can easily find yourself immersed in the industry and with the cannabis job of your dreams!

For the best cannabis training program at the best cannabis college, we recommend going to CTU before embarking on your cannabis career.


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