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There are some top things that all marijuana legislation must have. In fact, there are many of them that are fully mandatory because of the turning point and changes being made to marijuana legislation in the United States and all over the world. However, we will just focus on the United States here. Hardly anyone is having exciting conversations regarding marijuana legislation. Instead, the conversation is about how to go about getting it done.

Legal marijuana is evolving. There is no question about that. It is no longer a concept, but a fully enabling policy. Fortunately, there has been strong movement as it relates to marijuana legislation and so there is more information to begin with. Each state that has legalized weed has made the important lessons and information available for other states to follow. Minor regulatory details are able to play a major role for shaping the cannabis industry. There are tedious provisions as it relates to licensing and taxes, which can affect the cannabis market in a big way; showing whether there is a market and what it might look like.

Marijuana legalization measures took place in the state of New Jersey and New York most recently, but it all stopped in its track because of taxation disagreements as well as equity and licensing details.

The Important Issues

Few people have noticed these important issues than some experts in the cannabis industry. Many people get cornered into thinking about and using outdated information for the anti-weed sector. There are specific mandated marijuana legislation bills that are to be considered to maintain best practices in the industry so that you can be accountable. Every day, you will learn more about the industry and the changing marijuana legislation. As more states come on board with marijuana legislation, the lessons of the states that have already made weed legal will be paramount in turning the tide. Let us take a look at some of these issues.

Homegrown Plants

One of the top things that marijuana legislation must have is allowing homeowners to grow their own plants with certain limitations. It is also important that the homeowner who reaps a crop of marijuana plants can gift a certain amount to close family members or other adults. In the state of Massachusetts, for example, homeowners are allowed to grow as many as six marijuana plants per person and up to twelve plants for each residence. They can also gift up to one ounce to other adults. This is an example that other states should include in their marijuana legislation.

Expunging Convictions

Every state should include expunging of convictions for small amounts of weed possession into their marijuana legislation. Many experts think that this should be an automatic action because so many people, especially from the African American community are incarcerated for a joint or other small amounts of weed. Prisons are filled with people like this. It is better to educate than to incarcerate and so the law should change where prisoners charged with this kind of marijuana possession are let out so they can help with the education and informative process.

Regulatory Transparency

It is important that the states should have regulatory transparency; allowing for more independence and diversity. Appointing a variety of people to help with marijuana legislation allowing full transparency is essential. The state of Massachusetts is a good example to follow. More states should adopt the same thing.

Tax Revenue

It is not cool to allow state's legislators to divert tax revenue for reinvestment. Many experts think that tax revenue should be dedicated to specific things that help the community at large. The tax revenue should never be up for appropriation and should not require a tough application process that benefits privileged communities.

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