Top Reasons Why Illegal Marijuana Existed

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Top Reasons Why Illegal Cannabis Existed
Top Reasons Why Illegal Marijuana Existed

Top Reasons Why Illegal Marijuana Existed. Marijuana has always had a story and it was not always been illegal marijuana. For most of its history, marijuana has not always been a war on drugs. In fact, in times past, marijuana was gently used and it was favored as being a medicinal herb for many people. It was used by various cultures globally. It is said that marijuana was discovered by archeologists in ancient China. Marijuana was also seen on Pharaohs tomb carvings in Egypt. However, today, nothing is the same as it was in the past and so that is the reason that some people are categorizing it as illegal marijuana. Why is that the case? Why has everything changed? How did marijuana change from being healthy medicine to something that is illegal? Those are the questions that many cannabis enthusiasts are asking.

In the Past

It was in the 1600s that Hemp was introduced among farmers in the United States. It was a fibrous and stringy plant back then. For that reason, it was first used in the textile, beauty and clothing industry among new settlers. It was not used to get stoned or anything. In the 1600s, it was never used for health benefits. Hemp became one of the important parts of the history of southern states where farmers had to grow it. The first Hemp law was passed in 1691 in Virginia and its use was not prohibited at the time. As long as farmers paid their hemp taxes, it was legally allowed.

The Change

In the early months of the 1900s, illegal marijuana was an issue that the United States dealt with as it relates to Mexico. As the 20th century rolled around, the cheap labor from Mexican migrants made the cannabis industry susceptible to illegal marijuana practices.  Some people think that politicians looked at Mexican laborers n a racially discriminative sense and for that reason have associated weed with an illegal connotation. In other words, those who did not typically like Mexicans would usually not like the hemp smoker. It was the early months of 1910 that states started to pass their prohibition laws for marijuana use and it all stemmed from the fact that Mexicans smoked hemp.  Once this happened, there was obvious fear in the Mexican community across the United States for smoking weed. The crackdown of weed appeared to be a racist action by law makers in the states.

The Federal Government

The federal government, at first, was unable to completely ban weed, but could call it illegal marijuana and this was due to a few constitutional problems that stopped them in their path. However, today, the feds have found a way around it. After creating the Federal Narcotics Bureau in the 1930s, the feds were able to form a war on drugs. Today, it is still in full force. The politicians during the early years thought that only minorities smoked illegal marijuana and mixed with the ungodly music (according to them); it made things really bad for the nation. Today, there are still politicians that think that way including Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.  The Hippy culture during the 1960s, did not help, even though, there were Caucasian people joining the weed smoking pastime. However, the feds did target the people in the hippy culture too.

The Presidents

Before his death, President John F. Kennedy did order a medical report to be done on cannabis during the 1960s to see its health benefits and from the report, he calculated that marijuana did not cause violence as other politicians thought. However, after his death, the medical report was put on the back burner. When President Nixon came on the scene shortly after, he pretty much did not want anything to do with weed because he, too, thought it was illegal marijuana. Today, the government labels marijuana as a dangerous substance according to the Controlled Substances Act.

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