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In any kind of business, it is important to have an attorney on your side. When it comes to the cannabis business, then it is even more important to hire one of the best cannabis lawyers in the industry. You will definitely need someone to litigate for you in the event that you are not compliant with the state’s rules and regulations. Sometimes, it might not be intentional on your part. However, it could be that you don’t know or have not studied the laws yourself and may have missed the mark. That being said, the law does not care about your shortcomings. And so, that is why you have to hire one of the top cannabis lawyers to vouch for you.

The Tasks at Hand

Some of the things that cannabis lawyers do are to make sure that you have the right ownership status, best practices, patents, commercial contracts, insurance and taxes. The lawyer will also help with employment disputes, landlord disputes and product liability; among other things. Cannabis lawyers stay abreast of changing legislation and study the nuances involved in the regulations set forth by the government. Some attorneys specialize in different areas while others stay neutral. Let us look at some of the top cannabis lawyers that you need to keep in your rolodex.

Rachel Gillette

One of the top cannabis lawyers that we must mention here is Rachel Gillette who graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Colorado. She practices business civil litigation and 289E tax matters. She is also chairperson to the Western Region Cannabis Law Group. She is also a foundation member at Women Grow. She is also a board director member for National Cannabis Bar Association. She represented Allgreens LLC in 2915 where the Commissioner filed a lawsuit against the plaintiff. The result was that the IRS had to abate the $30,000 penalty against Allgreens LLC, a marijuana dispensary in Denver.

Heather L. Burke

In the state of California, Heather L. Burke is one of the cannabis lawyers that you would want to hire, if you want to be represented in criminal and civil law, administrative law, appeals and writs. She graduated from the California Western School of Law and words alongside Greenspoon Marder, LLP. One example of her expertise is her litigation between the People versus Jovan Jackson where she drafted a motion to introduce a defense for medical marijuana. This will go down in history because through this litigation the ‘limine motion’ was granted to the San Diego County for the first time. She also helped to draft a proposal for cannabis legalization in the state of California. It was titled “California Craft Cannabis Initiative. She has received numerous awards for her consistent work in the industry.

Michael Cindrich        

Michael Cindrich has his own practice in the state of California. He provides criminal defense and civil litigation services to those in the cannabis industry. He graduated from the University of San Diego, School of Law. He is on the NORML executive board of directors in San Diego. He is also a lifetime member of the legal committee at NORML on a national level. He offers speaking services to the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, supports drug policy reform. The Medical Marijuana Task Force of San Diego nominated in 2009.

Ariel Clark

Graduating from the University of California’s Berkeley School of Law, Ariel Clark is one of the top cannabis lawyers in California. She practices business law, business litigation, regulatory compliance and cannabis licensing. She provides assistant with best business practices to cannabis business owners. She was given accolades for her work in the cannabis industry by the Cannabis Business Times. She established the Cannabis Task Force in the city of Los Angeles, joined the California Growers Association as a policy committee member and is one of the cannabis lawyers to serve on the board of NORML in California chapter.

Daniel Garfield

Daniel Garfield is also one of the top cannabis lawyers in the state of Colorado. He went to Northwestern University School of Law and practices general litigation. He was named as a top marijuana attorney by 3280 magazine in consecutive years; 2016, 2017 and 2018. He was instrumental in lending his voice to make changes to the rules and guidelines of professional conduct in the Supreme Court in the state of Colorado. He stressed that it was important that attorneys be allowed to ethically represent businesses in the cannabis industry.

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