Many States Now Have Legal Cannabis And Other States Might Soon In 2020
Many states now have legal marijuana

Many States Now Have Legal Cannabis And Other States Might Soon In 2020

Many states now have legal cannabis, and other states might soon in 2020.

Recreational cannabis use just became legal in Illinois and there are other states that might follow suit in 2020. 

A recent CBS News Poll found that 65% of US adults think marijuana should be legalized federally. This is an all-time high. 

Even a majority of Republicans in the US think pot should be legal, with 56% favoring cannabis legalization in the US. 

11 states have now legalized weed recreationally in the United States. 

Cannabis is currently legal recreationally in Alaska, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia. 

The Future of Marijuana Legalization 

Florida is trying to become the 12th state in the US to legalize cannabis recreationally. Although the recent polling has shown there were not enough votes to get it through at this time. 

Some old-school Republicans in Florida are trying their hardest to keep the law from passing, even when making cannabis legal recreationally in Florida would greatly improve the states bottom line and create thousands of new jobs.

Minnesota is another state that is trying to get legal weed approved, but Democrats are getting resistance from their dinosaur age Republicans. 

New York is being supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo to get cannabis legalized recreationally in New York. 

Governor Cuomo has recently hired Norman Birenbaum to lead New York’s cannabis program and help make recreational marijuana a reality in the state. 

New Jersey is another state that will soon vote on the legalization of cannabis recreationally in the state in 2020. If the bill passes, New Jersey residents 21 years of age and older will be allowed to use cannabis recreationally. All sales of marijuana products would be subject to a 6.625% sales tax

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has called for the “immediate decriminalization” of possession of small amounts of cannabis, and recently hosted a Cannabis Summit to demonstrate to state leaders the steps needed to be taken to accomplish this lofty yet hugely beneficial goal. 

Will cannabis be legalized federally soon in the United States?

Many issues remain to be solved before marijuana is federally legal in the US, although recent support from voters may just be speeding up the likelihood of it going through sooner than later. 

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