Why TerraVida Dispensary Has Such High Hiring Rates

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There is good reason why TerraVida dispensary has such high hiring rates.  If you know TerraVida dispensary, it is located in Philadelphia and more than 110,000 medical patients have been registering so that they can have use of medical cannabis. A third of these people are being serviced by TerraVida dispensaries located in and around the region.

The dispensary is in a long term hiring phase to expand and this has been going on since February 2018. TerraVida dispensary is known for and proud of its zero employee turnover-rate. That says a lot about the company and its employees. The Founder is Chris Visco and he goes to lengths to treat his employee well. This could be one of the reasons for its success.

The Hiring Rate

The TerraVida dispensary is now serving close to 250 patients every single day. Patient’s average age is about 58. More than half of these patients visit the TerraVida dispensary for treatment so that they can reduce their intake of pharmaceutical medication, especially those taking opioid painkillers. In order to keep up with this kind of demand, the founder says that he had to hire more employees. Over the last year, the company has hired 92 employees, which is a hiring rate of three thousand percent. Many advocates think that this is a phenomenal achievement, even though the industry is growing in leaps and bounds. Some are wondering how the TerraVida dispensary had this kind of achievement. The founder of this marijuana dispensary says that he offers his staff good salaries, good workplace environment and good benefits. And, that is the reason for the exponential growth and staff retention.

The Founder

In his past professional life, the founder did retail buying. He also ran a bakery and was involved in politics before embarking on opening up the TerraVida dispensary. As his company continues to grow, he keeps hiring more people; even six at one time. The focus is hiring long term so the company can expand. Since the company opened its doors in February 2018, there hasn’t been one employee that has quit. This is impressive, especially for such an industry with its changing laws, rules and regulations.

The founder seems to be able to keep it constant by how he runs the business, and treats his customers and his staff. The company has also grown because in one year, there have been three locations opened and staffed.

Multiple Staff and Shifts

Another reason why there has been such success is that staff members work in several shifts. Many of these shifts are manned by product specialists, licensed pharmacists, patient care coordinators and other health professionals. In addition, these workers are supervised by store managers and assistant managers at all times. Management trainees are also hired and trained. It is important to note too that the company hires remote phone operators to facilitate medical cannabis patient’s calls on a 24 hour basis. The company is also set to make its website offer round the clock human online chat services. The online team will include IT specialists, marketing specialist, data entry clerks, and other roles.

Final Summary

The TerraVida dispensary also hires ancillary jobs and gets its products from local marijuana growers. Picking local growers was strategic because it allowed them to form good business relationships and get better pricing in the long term. The company has also made it convenient and comfortable for its customers; providing a waiting room where cannabis cookies and beverages are available.  The founder thinks that the reason for the employment success is not only about the salary, but a combination of things such as mentorship, fair benefits package, diversity and job promotion. If the TerraVida dispensary continues like this, it could be a model for many other companies in the industry.

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