Top Avoidable Mistakes for Cannabis Staff Hire

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There are a handful of top avoidable mistakes for cannabis staff hire. If you own a marijuana dispensary and are hiring potential cannabis staff members, the process can be quite tricky since there are several factors that play into it.

First, you have to make sure that the potential employee is knowledgeable, well trained and has the required experience to carry out the desired responsibilities. There are other additional things to consider such as finding the best staff members, protecting your business against non-compliance, and reducing employee turnover.

Let's know look at some other things that you may want to think about when hiring new cannabis staff or your marijuana dispensary or cultivation business.

Fast Hire

In a growing industry, marijuana shops regularly have to move quite fast to meet supply and demand. When there is a flood of patients or customers, cannabis staff members are able to recognize that there is a need for more qualified or eligible employers on hand. The key word here is ‘qualified or eligible.' It is important for cannabis staff members to have experience in customer service and staff members should be able to guide the medical cannabis patients to the best cannabis strains and the appropriate products that are necessary to treat their condition.

Even if you are dealing with recreational marijuana users, cannabis staff members have to know enough about the product to be of help so that the consumer does not have a bad experience when served. If you hire your staff too quickly, then you will suffer from a high rate of turnover and find yourself constantly in and out of the interviewing process to find better qualified candidates. When you are interviewing for cannabis jobs, test the candidate's knowledge about the industry. Do some role playing to check personality and how the potential employee would handle various customer or patient scenarios. In so doing, you would consider doing more than one interviews at a time.

Checking Employment History

It is important to check the employment history of potential cannabis staff members. This does not mean you are discriminating, but making sure that the background check is done and references are checked. This should be the case for all employee hires. For example, what if someone is operating under pretention as it relates to name and social security number, just to get one over on you by representing him or herself to be someone else? To save yourself the headache, it is best to conduct a thorough check of the potential employee's history and background.

Customer Service Experience

It is always helpful that when you are in retail business, it is best to hire people with customer service experience. Even if you are experienced in the cannabis industry, it would be extremely helpful to be experienced in customer service. This is especially so if you are a budtender since your job responsibility will require you to deal directly with customers and patients. The budtender is the primary cannabis staff member to provide the customer with knowledge of the best product. The budtender must have knowledge of the various marijuana strains. While the budtender might have all the expertise in the world, customer service is still very essential.

Proper Training

You should avoid not providing your new cannabis staff member with appropriate training. This is especially true for those who are new to the cannabis industry. Provide employees with learning opportunities on a continual basis. Hire strong core employees and a few part time employers instead of short shift cannabis staff.

Final Thoughts

Last, but not least, pay attention to red flags. Follow your gut feelings about someone who is interviewing for a cannabis job. Even if you got glowing job references from a potential employee and you still had that negative intuition, you should follow your instincts.

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