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People from all walks of life and from all professions are anxious to build a career in the marijuana industry. This includes top executives who might feel trapped in their jobs or industries due. Now is the time to consider finding and landing the right cannabis jobs. When it comes to the numbers, the cannabis market has been valued at over $11 billion as reported in 2018. The market is expected to be valued at more than $66 billion by year end 2025.

This is rapid growth for an industry is now seeing the light of day after years of prohibition. As a result, the industry is creating a massive amount of jobs. Reports indicate more than 210,000 cannabis jobs in the U.S. since the end of 2018. In Canada the job opportunities have tripled since 2018. Many states that have recently legalized weed are catching on and companies are now looking for talent online. In fact, Missouri has had a potential forecast for 2020 to create more than 7,500 cannabis jobs to serve the medical marijuana market.

The Job Seeker

If you are a job seeker and you are thinking of entering the cannabis industry, the important thing to consider to succeed is having a good understanding of the hard skills and soft skills that hiring managers are seeking. 

While you can have a degree from a reputable educational institution, hiring managers will hire someone with a background in growing and cultivation or have some kind of training along with their degree. Training is easy to acquire since there are several reputable cannabis training universities online that allow you to train in the comfort of your own home and in your own timing. You can complete all classes online. All that you need is Internet access and a computer or similar device. Let us look at the hard skills that may be useful if you'd like to land the right cannabis job. 


If you work in a dispensary, an extraction company, or lab, those skills are in demand within the cannabis industry. Employers also value skills in compliance and regulation. The cannabis industry is also looking for data analysts and scientists, computer networking experts and machine engineers. If you are a mature individual with tons of executive experience and you are finding it hard to find a technology job in Silicon Valley, don’t be alarmed. The cannabis industry will welcome you with your gray hair and significant technical skills. 

Manufacturing, Finance and Operations

The cannabis industry is growing by leaps and bounds. It is always in need of controllers, accountants and CFOs to manage the cash flow and to maintain expansion opportunities. If you work in operations and manufacturing, those hard skills are necessary for the cannabis industry. There will always be cannabis jobs for people in these fields. The demand is great. Other hard skills include sales and marketing at both the executive level and lower level. 

Attitude and Cultural Fit

Now, for the soft skills. Your attitude and cultural fit are essential to the cannabis industry. If you are young and looking to land one of the cannabis jobs that cater to people with the right attitude and a love for cannabis, your best bet is to get with a technology start up or business with promising growth. Hiring managers are looking for young talent with flexibility, can do attitude, agility and those who can be coached. You must be eager to learn and have high energy to assume your role vigilantly.  In other words, you have to prove that you have the right attitude to meet the challenges of a growing industry. 

Marijuana Jobs Online

To find marijuana jobs online begin at Cannabis Training University. Get trained online at the marijuana school and get the cannabis training you need for marijuana jobs such as: budtender jobs, bud trimmer jobs, cannabis cook jobs, cannabis extraction jobs, dispensary manager jobs, and more. 

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