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Like any other industries, you should be aware that the cannabis industry has and still will be creating more jobs for people all over the world. In some of these cannabis careers, the applicant or employee does not have to work directly with the primary product. However, they can have a supportive role instead.

And so, if you are thinking of jumping onboard so you can secure one of these cannabis careers, you should know that your existing experience, skills and education could get you in the door. Yes, most cannabis companies will hire you, if you bring something to the table that is of value to them. However, you have to apply within states that have already legalized weed.

The Possibilities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to picking one of these rewarding cannabis careers. We have put together a list of marijuana jobs that are the best supportive as it relates to cannabis careers. The marijuana industryis in need of experienced and expert people who are also knowledgeable about their career.

And it is important that those people can fit into the cannabis industry to provide the well-needed support. Explore some of the options that you have below. Remember that there is a salary range. So, you should bear that in mind before making your ultimate choice.

Human Resources Manager

Every company needs the support of a HR Manager. In the cannabis industry, the HR Manager might earn between $67K and $201K. As long as companies have employees, there is always going to be need for an HR Department.

This is where workers can go to get answers to employment related questions and to learn more about their pay scale, vacation and other benefits. This is one of the best supportive cannabis careers to consider.

IT Manager

If you are an IT Manager now, your services may be needed in the cannabis industry and so you can start to look about changing your employer and choose one of the supportive cannabis careers that will utilize your skills and experience.

You could expect to earn between $85K and $208K per year. Many cannabis companies need the services of an IT Manager for advanced technology, especially since the industry continues to go through changes. For some companies, it is all about having their sales tracked through sophisticated software and systems.

Marketing Manager

One of the supportive cannabis careers in the industry is that of a Marketing Manager. The pay range is between $70K and $200K. If you want to have your brand known or have new products launched, then you are going to need specific marketing strategies. You will also need market research, public relations and advertising services and who better to do so than a Marketing Manager?

Production Manager

The Production Manager is also necessary to cannabis companies, especially those handling seed to sale products. The entire cycle has to be managed, supervised and handled efficiently. The Production Manager is one of the most supportive cannabis careers and employees will earn from $63K to $170K in a given year.

The Attorney

Every cannabis company must have an attorney on their team. This is one of the most instrumental cannabis careers that offer valuable support to the business.

An attorney can provide help with compliance and understanding complicated regulations as well as staying abreast of the changing marijuana laws. The salary for an attorney will vary according to experience, expertise and industry knowledge.

The Accountant

All marijuana dispensaries should have an account. This is extremely important. This is one of the most needed and supportive cannabis careers. An account will be able to manage the incoming and outgoing cash, taxes, get corporate credit and process various payments. An accountant could earn from $44K to $123K per year; depending on expertise, experience and knowledge.

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