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It is projected that the golden state is on its way to hit $3.1 billion in legal marijuana sales, would you like to know the 14 best weed jobs in California that pay well?

If you would like to tap into this lucrative market, then you are on the right page.

Contrary to what many people think, getting a well-paying job in the legal marijuana industry is not difficult. Considering the harsh economic times, getting into this industry might be easier than getting into traditional jobs that are highly competitive. No one is going to be asking for 15 years' experience here, this article leaks the whole secret: which jobs to target, how to get them, where to find them and even gives ballpark estimates of the pay to expect (spoiler alert: the rates are competitive).

Without further ado, let’s dive right in

Marijuana was legalized in California on Jan 1st, 2018, two years now and counting and the job market is still ballooning. As the market in California continues to grow, cannabis jobs continue to increase. With time, demand for these jobs may increase as well making it more competitive. Thankfully, we are not there yet. So let’s get you in before everyone else thinks of jumping in.

For starters, you should be clear on where exactly you want to work. This could either be in marijuana cultivation or the retail space.

Cannabis Cultivation Jobs In California

Companies to eye:

  1. Leafire is a cannabis cultivation company based in Southern California. They recently had a job opening for a master grower
  2. Cresco Labs is a multi-state cannabis company. A month ago this company had advertised for a cultivation agent
  3. Sunniva Inc
  4. MedMen
  5. American made
  6. NORCAL cannabis company
  7. The California Cannabis Company

1.   Cannabis Grow Master

This is one of the top jobs in the cannabis cultivation industry. It pays decently; an average of $80,000- $100,000 per annum. It also requires background training in botany, agriculture, plant science, or horticulture. Tasks include managing the grow house, ensuring plant wellness, and ensuring a successful crop.

2.   Cannabis Master Extractor

The master extractor plays a key role that involves extracting THC, CBD and other cannabinoids from the plant material. They are paid between $75,000- $125,000 per year. Some companies will require a Ph.D. in chemistry or a related field for this job. 

3.   Extraction Technician

This is a subsidiary role to the master extractor. It pays between $30,000- $40,000 per year. This is a position that can be learned on the job. It involves running the machines that do the actual extraction. However, a background in science may come in handy.

4.   Cannabis Trimmer

This is a good place to start if you do not have a solid science background. The trimmer prepares the buds for curing. This job also goes hand in hand with a cultivation site worker who does the odd jobs in the cannabis cultivation facility.

5.   Cannabis Assistant Grower

The assistant grower oversees the daily running of the cultivation facility. This includes supervising the trimmers as well as the cultivation site workers.

6.   Laboratory Workers

Once the cannabis has been harvested and the cannabinoids extracted the next important step is laboratory testing. This requires a background in laboratory sciences. It involves testing for pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

That’s it for the cultivation side, what remains is the administration, sales, and finance aspect which we shall look at under the dispensary jobs.

Marijuana Dispensary Jobs In California

Companies to eye:

  1. Barbary Coast
  2. The Apothecarium
  3. Magnolia Wellness
  4. Caliva
  5. Bud & Bloom
  6. Urbn Leaf
  7. Boom shaka Cupcakes was recently looking for a brand ambassador and a sales representative
  8. Puff Careers group was recently looking for a part-time budtender

7.   Dispensary Manager

This is the person responsible for the running of the cannabis dispensary. The pay is $40,000- $70,000 per year. This job involves taking care of all the operations to ensure the smooth running of the business. A background in business management and customer service is essential.

8.   Budtender

This is a popular cannabis job that requires skills in customer service. A budtender also needs to be conversant with “everything cannabis.” The pay is between $30,000- $ 40,000 per annum. Enrolling in a premium introductory course to marijuana will help you secure a budtender job at any of the top marijuana dispensaries.

9.   Edibles Chef

This is the person who brings all the goodness into the pot industry; they create pot-infused edibles. A background in cooking and baking is required for this job. The pay is $40,000 – $50,000 per year. 

10.   Marijuana Dispensary Website Manager

A good number of marijuana dispensaries in California are online businesses. The website manager acts as the online operations manager; handling queries, sales, PR, marketing, and any other thing that may come up through the website. 

11.   Weed Packager

This role involves packing marijuana products for dispatch. It’s an entry-level job that presents room for growth and future opportunities. It pays between $20,000- $30,000 per year.

12.   Weed Courier

This job involves transporting weed; all you need is a valid driving license. The courier delivers weed to customers and the dispensary as well. It pays $20,000 – $30,000 per year.

13.    Marijuana Sales and Marketing

With many weed dispensaries in California, sales and marketing are some of the most important roles. Just like in other businesses, this role involves marketing efforts, generating leads and closing sales. The salary depends on the company and the skills of the employee. A ballpark estimate is $30,000- $110,000 per year.

14.     Accounting and Admin

This role involves keeping track of the company’s daily operations, records, and finance. It requires a background in finance, bookkeeping, or business administration. 

The Admin will handle duty rosters, budgets, and patient records among other roles. The pay is roughly $70,000 per annum.

Get a Marijuana Job In California In 2020

Marijuana jobs in California are not hard to come by. You can first check job sites that feature many cannabis jobs. They include:

  • 420Careers.com: 
  • Indeed.com
  • Cannajobs.com
  • Ganjapreneur.com
  • SimplyHired.com

Networking on LinkedIn and Instagram could also help you secure a well-paying job in the marijuana industry.

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