Will There Be a 4th Stimulus Check So We Can Buy More Weed

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Will there be a 4th stimulus check
Will there be a 4th stimulus check?

Will there be a 4th stimulus check? Many stoners around the US are wondering will there be a 4th stimulus check so we can buy more weed?

Studies show that each stimulus check for regular every day stoners has helped them acquire a nice amount of weed to hold them over for many months

In fact, some stoners use the $1200 each time to buy an entire pound of weed!

Will There Be a 4th Stimulus Check?

The Biden administration is not releasing a fourth stimulus check in 2022 and is instead choosing to focus efforts on the enhanced “Child Tax Credit and The American Rescue Plan.”

But some members of Congress and a good portion of the public have shown support for additional pandemic relief.

More than 2.9 million people have signed a Change.org petition called “$2000/month to every American.” The petition is “calling on Congress to support families with a $2,000 payment for adults and a $1,000 payment for kids immediately, and continuing regular checks for the duration of the crisis.”

Millions of stoners across the US are depending on a 4th stimulus check so they can re-up their supply of weed in this time of crisis.

Fred Tyree of Jacksonville Florida said:

“I depend on the stimulus check so I can buy my marijuana that I need. I have used all of the checks strictly on weed and food and I am running out of both. I sure hope there is not only a 4th stimulus check but many more after that on a regular basis.”

Are We Getting a 4th Stimulus Check?

It looks like the answer is no. Joe Biden is not planning on sending a 4th stimulus check.

Who Gets The 4th Stimulus Check?

At this time nobody will get a 4th stimulus check, but if it were to happen the ones most likely to receive it are the lowest income bracket.

How much Would The 4th Stimulus Check Be?

If there was a 4th stimulus check it would likely once again be for $1200 USD. Although many would like to see an increase and don't believe $1200 is enough.

Taniqua Jones of Mobile Alabama said:

“I can't feed my 7 kids off no twelve hundred dollars. Plus I need my weed bitch, you know what I'm saying? Shit, this ain't gonna work for me no time soon mutha fu*#a.”

4th Stimulus Check Texas

Some rumors have been going around that there will be a 4th stimulus check Texas residents will be receiving. These rumors have not been substantiated at this time.

4th Stimulus Check Illinois 

Like Texas, rumors have popped up online of a 4th stimulus check Illinois residents will be receiving in early 2022. This again has not been substantiated and Illinois residents are advised to not count on it.

Chiquita Johnson from Chicago said:

“I would love me some more stimulus checks. I use it to shop at Walmart, pay for my kids food, and of course get me my weed!”

Stimulus Check Status

At this time the stimulus check status is that there are no plans for a 4th stimulus check for US residents, although the need for them is increasing and the push for the government to send them is being driven by online petitions.

Is There a 4th Stimulus Check?

Boy would that be nice! At this time, unfortunately there has been no sign of a 4th stimulus check making it to American citizens.

When Can Social Security Recipients Expect The 4th Stimulus Check 2021?

Social security recipients should not be expecting a 4th stimulus check in 2021 or even 2022 in that matter. There was no 4th stimulus check in November, December, audit looks like there will not be any in 2022 either at this time.

4 thoughts on “Will There Be a 4th Stimulus Check So We Can Buy More Weed”

  1. a 4th stimulus check would be greatly appreciated. I would use mine on a new bong, new dab rig, and a pound of blue dream.

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