Top Youtube Cannabis Channels to Follow
Top Youtube Marijuana Channels to Follow

Top Youtube Cannabis Channels to Follow

Here are some of the Top Youtube Cannabis Channels to follow.

You will always find marijuana smokers on and most of their cannabis channels have information that will help you understand the market and the industry. However, there are some Youtubers that you must follow, if you want to get a lot of the scoop. They have cannabis channels that are far beyond your expectations and most of them are weed smokers so they are informing you from a place of personal experience.

Once you subscribe to their cannabis channels, you will be notified about any new developments so you can go check them out. You can also ask questions and leave comments. You could learn things from how to roll a joint, how to cook edibles, how to make tinctures, how to dab, how to smoke marijuana and even how to get a marijuana license. Most of the videos do not cover the topics extensively and so you would have to enroll for training at an online program offered at places like the Cannabis Training University. In the meantime, check out the top cannabis channels on and become a fan and a subscriber. Top Youtube Cannabis Channels to Follow.


Haley420 is the name for this Youtuber channel. You need to subscribe here, if you want to learn more about different product reviews, how-to information and even smoking challenges. Some of the videos teach you how to buy pot legally. And believe it or not, this is a woman, but she knows her stuff such as inhaling multiple hits like a champion and she even shows you how she does it like that champion. This is one of the cannabis channels that is fun and informative at the same time.

Weed Maps TV

Weed Maps TV is one of the cannabis channels found on Youtube, but operated by, which is an online portal that helps you find local marijuana dispensaries that sell both recreational and medical marijuana.  The channel offers current industry news such as newly developed cannabis strains, product reviews and even tutorials.

RuffHouse Studios

If you really want to know how to roll a joint, then check out RuffHouse Studios, which is also one of the top cannabis channels on They also carry videos that teach cannabis cooking. You can enjoy their parody trailers, specifically about weed, which is very entertaining.


One of the cannabis channels to subscribe to is StrainCentral, which is owned by a connoisseur known as Josh. He has several features videos, which offer quality content and fun facts. If you see any cannabis product that you are curious about, you can ask Josh. He will research it and bring it to you in video format.


Greenhouseseeds is a cannabis channel that belongs to Green House Seed Company in the Netherlands. This is one of the marijuana channels that provide viewers with a selection of helpful videos. Many of the videos are educational, but some are humorous. On some of the videos, you will learn how to cultivate some of the top cannabis strains. You will see videos that give you a behind the scene peek into the company.

Strain Hunters

If you want to check out a documentary series, Strain Hunters is one of the cannabis channels on that delivers. You will be able to get a look into how they search, identify and retrieve marijuana strains that have never been studied before. The goal is to provide doctors and scientists with the possibility of doing further studies on the marijuana plants as a means of medicinal purpose.


The CC420 is also known s Cannabis Connoisseur Connection 420, which is one of the most interactive cannabis channels that focus mainly on marijuana products and what they are used for. The videos consist of expert interviews, new marijuana products, reviews on cannabis strains and concentrates. If you are seeking new strains and new cannabis products, this is the channel to subscribe to.

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