Top Most Useful Marijuana Apps
Top Most Useful Cannabis Apps.

Top Most Useful Marijuana Apps

There are tens of thousands of marijuana apps that you can download online today. Most of them are used with various mobile devices, but mostly tables, laptops and smartphones. However, be forewarned that many of these marijuana apps are poorly imitated, filled with bugs and just categorically useless. There are some that are valuable and amazingly useful. But, you have to know where to find them. We have scoured the Internet and found some useful marijuana apps that you will definitely find useful. We have sought out the best of the best and have been serving the marijuana community well. One more thing you should know is that some of these marijuana apps are free and others are paid, but not expensive. Let's dive in!


SimLeaf is similar to the best of the best marijuana apps!  This one is a grow simulator for those marijuana growers who are interested in getting help to choose their strains to grow, choose the lighting and get information on how to adjust nutrient regime or pH. It helps you to maintain your marijuana plants, taking care of their every need. If you take care of the plant simulator, it won't die and you will get a rich harvest reward from the app. The underlying goal is to learn how to grow marijuana plants in the right way. The app has a lot of features. You can use it on an iOS system. It is only $1.99 and you can get additional features for an extra cost.

Hemp Inc

If you are into cannabis games, then Hemp Inc. will do it for you. It is similar to Farmville and is at the same elevated level. You will have fun playing this game and it engages you so that you won't feel bored. You get to interact with some really cool celebrities who are advocates of weed and they include Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong and Jimi Hendrix. The app covers all facets of managing a marijuana empire, which includes growing, selling and operating a cannabis business. This app is free to download and can be used on both iOS and Android platforms.


WeedMaps was founded in 2008 and has carved out a place in the cannabis industry. It has one of the best marijuana apps that covers experts, dispensaries, delivery and medical services; among other things. You will be asked to share your exact location when you first log into the app. The app will then show you the closest dispensaries where you can buy weed for recreational and medicinal use. You will also be able to search dispensaries by products and brands. The app is available for free download on iOS and Android platforms.


If you are seeking one of those marijuana apps that have gained popularity in recent years, check out MassRoots, which helps the user to create networks of marijuana enthusiasts spanning various sectors of the marijuana industry as well as entertainment and healthcare industry.  MassRoots provides users with industry news and local content. It also provides a global view on the cannabis industry. It is available on both Android or iOS platforms and both are free. You won't find it on Google Play, but rather on Amazon App Store.


Growtronix is one of the most pop0ular marijuana apps on the market and is in a class by itself. You won't find this in just any app store. This means that you would have to make direct contact with the product creator to get the app sent to you. It has an automated system for a hydroponic grow room, consisting of hardware and software, network interface, controllers, and temperature sensors. This is one of the most expensive marijuana apps with prices beginning from $489.99. It is not available on Android and iOS platforms. You have to contact the product creator to find the right solutions.

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