Top Marijuana Gifts for Kwanzaa

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Top Marijuana Gifts for Kwanzaa
Top Marijuana Gifts for Kwanzaa

There are many great gifts for everyone on your Kwanzaa gift list. Everyone should know that Kwanzaa is a holiday celebrated by African Americans. The holiday lasts for one week. The holiday is observed on December 26 and goes through to January 1. It consists of gift giving like most similar holidays and people celebrating this holiday prepare a feast, inviting family and friends over to eat. Have you ever thought about marijuana gifts for Kwanzaa, if you are going to be involved in the gift giving? Well, we have found several top marijuana gifts that you might want to consider.

BRNT Hexagon

During Kwanzaa, attendees pass around the ‘unity cup.' Why not replace the unity cup with a bong, which you can pass around to other stoners. It is still a unifying experience as the ‘unity cup' is. If you want to enhance your marijuana experience, you should consider the BRNT Hexagon, which is a modern bong with a modern design and aesthetics. You can use this bong as an object of art in your home and believe it or not, it can become a great conversation piece when guests come over for Kwanzaa and so you can even put it as one of the marijuana gifts on your holiday list.

Emerald Farm Tours

For Kwanzaa, one of the marijuana gifts that you can give in your gift giving exercise is a tour of the Emerald Farm. This marijuana cultivation tour will help you to discover the steps that heritage farmers take to collectively grow marijuana.

Cage Free Cannabis

Cage Free Cannabis is an organization that offers funding opportunities in support of people who have experienced harm in the “War on Drugs.” Cage Free Cannabis or CFC works to improve the communities, providing jobs to people of color and are advocates for a responsible and inclusive marijuana industry. The company sells sustainable and adorable cannabis accessories as well. You can purchase one of their bamboo tubes in support of the organization and give the bamboo tube to a friend or family while celebrating Kwanzaa. The recipient will be able to use the bamboo tube as a means of stashing their blunt or pre-rolled joints.

Minority Cannabis

Minority Cannabis is an organization that impacts the communities that have been affected by the “War on Drugs.” In doing so, they provide the people being affected with a chance to own a cannabis business. You could purchase a membership for one of your Kwanzaa guests. Membership begins at $50 yearly. If you are serious about supporting this non-profit organization, then you could pay $100 per year and receive a gift. If you are a devotee, then you would pay $250 yearly and receive two gifts. It would be nice to give one of your marijuana gifts to someone on Kwanzaa.

Kuumba Made

Kuumba Made is a company that creates beautiful products that benefit the local community. And that is why Kuumba Made has made an impact in the community for more than thirty five years. The company makes salves and body oils that could be one of the marijuana gifts you exchange at a Kwanzaa holiday party. These essential oils contain 150mg of CBD content.

Kaya Herb House

On the last night of the Kwanzaa celebration, the feast begins. And so, why not create a meal that is cannabis-infused. Or you can pack a steam chalice with the best marijuana strain and pass it around. Kaya Herb House makes steam chalice that are innovative and user-friendly. It comes in five colors that you can choose from.

Cannabis Cook Book

One of the marijuana gifts that you should consider giving someone for Kwanzaa is the High Times Cannabis Cookbook; packed with tons of marijuana recipes. The book is a guide to making some fantastic holiday food, infused with marijuana. What a great way to end Kwanzaa!

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