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Marijuana events may not always be credited for their significant role played in the fact that they contribute to the ending of weed prohibition and have paved the way for a new wave of social acceptance.

In the background of planning these events are the organizers who sometimes remain anonymous, not getting any pats on the back, but working hard to continue paving the way for the generations to come. Marijuana events take a lot of advanced planning since it is not easy to bring entire communities to one place for a gathering that may ignite fear in some about being arrested.

Yes, there are some people who still fear the feds and what they might want to do to recreational users, all gathered in one place and some trying to smoke weed in public. These days, many states have legalized weed, but it is still not recognized by the federal government. In addition, when an organizer is going to put on marijuana events, it is mandatory that an application be made for an events license.

In the Past

Many of the game changers of marijuana events were on the scene even before marijuana was legalized and licensing mandatory. Events took place in the past, primarily to demonstrate or protest, if you will about the prohibition of weed. In the past, these gatherings were organized to highlight and celebrate the benefits of the marijuana plant and protesting the existing marijuana laws at that time. For example, in 1991, the Seattle Hempfest brought about more than 500 recreational marijuana users in one place and now, there are thousands of people attracting to these gatherings that take place over a span of three days. However, the history of this event has transformed Washington from the exclusion state that it was to a safe haven for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

Major Role Played

The game changing marijuana events that we have included on our list have definitely played a huge role in altering the public awareness of weed and being a catalyst to political change in a positive way. The organizers create a safe place where the marijuana community can gather to meet, make connections, share industry knowledge and experiences and make the cannabis culture more visible to the outsider or novice. Moreover, many of the attendees see this as fun, meeting their friends in the cannabis community for a good ‘high time.' Let us now look at the game changing marijuana events of all time.

Hash Bash

Hash Bash is one of the marijuana events that take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It originated from the story of a poet, John Sinclair who in 1969 was targeted by law enforcement due to the political beliefs that he had about weed and other things. An undercover sting operation was put in place, but all the police got from him were two marijuana joints and yet after charging and sentencing him, he got 10 years in the prison system.

To cut a long story short, it was from that horrible event that the public outrage resulted in John serving just two years and he walked out, planning the first of several marijuana events, which was named Hash Bash. It was a way to celebrate John's prison release and a way to defy the legal system about their radical stance on how they deal with marijuana possession. This annual event is held on the first Saturday of April on the University of Michigan grounds.

Amsterdam Cannabis Cup

The Amsterdam Cannabis Cup is a week-long affair that takes place in Amsterdam, of course. Its first event took place in 1988 by Steven Hager of the High Times publication. It is something that many look forward to every year since then. In fact, this is one of the game changing marijuana events that brings more than 2,000 cannabis lovers in one place and where they can feel safe as Amsterdam is tolerant of legal marijuana. It is a competitive event, drawing crows from all over the world, but especially cannabis enthusiasts.

Emerald Cup

If you wanted to attend one of the other important marijuana events of all times, check out the Emerald Cup that takes place in Santa Rosa, California. This is a major event, primarily for those interested in marijuana cultivation. The event focuses entirely on growing weed outdoors and growing it organically. The event began in 2003 and has always been well-attended by local marijuana growers.

Boston Freedom Rally

The Boston Freedom Rally takes place in Boston, Massachusetts every year. This is one of the game changing marijuana events that started in 1989 at a small venue and now has moved to the Boston Commons. When this event takes place, it brings the city of Boston a lot of revenue. The event is organized by a group of cannabis activists and is attended by thousands of cannabis enthusiasts, vendors, public speakers and others. Attendees get the chance to smoke weed in public freely, at least for three days.

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