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In the age of the Internet and the advancement of marijuana legalization, there are some top cannabis models that you can find on Instagram. These cannabis girls are pretty cool and some of them have been avid users for years while others are becoming leaders in the cannabis industry and making waves as they do so. They also call themselves ganja girls or marijuana chicks.

These cannabis girls are taking the industry to its next level since the industry has always been dominated by male figures. However, there are some cannabis girls that have the backbone to go alongside these men and still remain leaders. We have selected the most diverse group of cannabis girls that we found on Instagram that have made a name and solid reputation online. These boss chicks are enthused about marijuana and express their creativity and passion by providing followers and users with pictures and artwork that invoke the spirit of cannabis.

Phoenix Elbow

Phoenix Elbow is the name that this cannabis chick uses in her Instagram account. Her handle is @PhoenixElbow. She is one of the cannabis girls that would make it at the top of any list. She has a certification in crystal healing. Once she finishes one blunt, she confesses that she lights up another one and takes one hit after the next. This cannabis chick transforms herself by changing hairstyles so often, but she is very serious about her cannabis artistry.

Baby Angel Princess Kitten

If you want to talk about one of the most passionate cannabis girls on Instagram, then we would mention Baby Angel Princess Kitten with a handle known as @_Herrokitty. She loves animals, especially cats and dogs. She loves to toke bongs and does a good job at it so much that she attracts thousands of fans. She loves dabbing, which is her area of expertise, taking marijuana concentrates to new levels. She owns huge stashes of cannabis. Follow her on Instagram to learn more about this girl.

Meaghan Bolton

One of the next authentic cannabis girls is Meghan Bolton. Her Instagram handle is @Cloud_9_Baby. She has a passion of smoking cannabis so much that she could alter the weather forecast wtih the amount of smoke she exhales. She does not usually smoke joints, but uses fruit and bongs to do so. She shares her ganja-smoking pictures with her audience. She loves to research anything related to CBD. Meaghan has a free spirit and it shows in her pics.

Jennie Diana

Jennie Diana is one of the cannabis girls that also made our list. She is a model, but has a passion for pot. She loves body painting as well and loves to model with cannabis on her Instagram page. Her pictures will give you the gist of what she is all about. Her handle is @SheFliesHigh.

Angela Mazzanti

Known as Angela Mazzanti that is one of the cannabis girls that we just had to put on this list. Her Instagram handle is @Angela_Mazzanti. She has approximately 400,000 followers and shows off her extensive knowledge about cannabis. She has a lot of tattoos, which she is not embarrassed to show off. She is definitely the green magic that sparks and you should certainly follow her on social media.

Trippy Treez

Trippy Treez wears many hats. She is a writer, director, vegan edible connoisseur, marketer and cannabis producer. Her Instagram handle is @Trippy.Treez. She teaches people how to roll a joint and also how to execute yoga moves while they are smoking a joint. She is certainly one of the most unique and inspirational cannabis girls on social media.

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