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It is not easy to keep up with cannabis news and the marijuana events that are happening as we speak. However, if you are a member of Facebook, you have the ability to access the top cannabis pages on this social media website. Facebook gets popular every day as more people sign up to become members.

Believe it or not cannabis users take to the internet to get as much information as they can about the cannabis industry and what better place to obtain the information than on the cannabis pages located on Facebook. You will learn things about different marijuana strains, events, new or changing cannabis laws and so much more. Let's see which cannabis pages top the list.

Top Cannabis Pages on Facebook


Over an astounding 10 million followers on Facebook. Herb is the go-to for cannabis news, crazy marijuana memes, and overall cannabis fun.

The rate at which Herb gained cannabis followers is unprecedented, unless you are famous like Miley Cyrus or something. Be sure to follow Herb on Facebook and join the revolution.

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University facebook page is full of amazing cannabis news. The page has an astounding more than 1.3 million facebook followers, all thirsty to learn more about this exploding and exciting industry.

The cannabis facebook page has been around since 2009 and has more followers than almost all cannabis facebook pages in the world! Cannabis Training University reviews and the weed blog on their page are highly followed.

Be sure to follow CTU on facebook for daily marijuana news, photos, and events. If you are looking for a marijuana school, CTU is the best one on the planet.

The Weed Blog

If you are a cannabis activist, you will love this Facebook page, “The Weed Blog.” You will received shared updates and changes about marijuana laws. T

his is one of the cannabis pages that will have petitions that they want members to sign in order to initiate a collective voice for better legislation. Get information on cannabis reforms. Over 1 million loyal facebook followers.

Revolver Cannabis

Revolver Cannabis Facebook page has over 1.7 million followers. It is a Spanish language facebook page for all you out there who speak Spanish and love marijuana.

Toke of the Town

Toke of the Town may not have as many likes as Hail Mary Jane, but this is one of the cannabis pages that you should join if you are looking for fresh content. Most of the posts are informative and humorous. The members are friendly, active and engaged. More than 730,000 followers.

Medical Jane

One of the cannabis pages to register with is Medical Jane. Their Facebook page helps consumers to follow cannabis news. The page has more than 280,000 fans. They run a contest each year to give away tickets to go to the High Times Cannabis Cup. Beyond that, they feature the best edibles, recent laboratory test on certain marijuana strains and lots more.

High Life Media Consulting

International Highlife, and HighLife Media Consulting have become a global leader in cannabis marketing. They are masters at growing a cannabis social media audience and can help cannabis businesses reach more of a marijuana audience. With millions of followers of their own, this is a great cannabis facebook page to follow.

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