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Top Marijuana Apps For Business
Top Cannabis Apps For Business

When you have a medical or recreational marijuana business, it is important to have a variety of essential tools and resources to manage that business. In fact, the same is true for any business. However, many tech experts are emerging and coming into the cannabis industry, providing cannabis apps that could empower business owners and allow for more efficiency, planning, organization and tracking day to day activities. Let us take a look at several of these cannabis apps and how they are applied to the cannabis business.


Evernote is one of those cannabis apps that keeps a virtual file for your business. You will be able to store and keep everything organized for easy access. In the app, you will be able to create a wide variety of folders within a filing system, especially important documents. The program application syncs the documents to all your devices so you can have easy access at any time.


The Leafly app is helpful to the cannabis business owner. This is one of those cannabis apps that was developed out of the expressed needs of the Leafly fans over time. If you haven't heard about Leafly, it is a website that specializes in bringing extensive details about marijuana strains. Therefore, this app does the same thing. So, instead of going to the Leafly website or blog for the same information, you can access it from their program application. If you were looking for different pairings of strains that were helpful to certain medical conditions, you would find it on this app.


Mint is one of those cannabis apps that tracks your business finances. But not just one account, but it manages several accounts. However, you won't be able to transfer money around to execute transactions. However, the app will inform you where you money is going each week, month and year. The Mint app is helpful in managing your budget consistently and in a user-friendly manner. Therefore, if you wanted to maintain a certain goal as it relates to expenditure and cost, this app would allow you to do so efficiently and effectively.


What if you wanted to plan your week? Well, the Weekdone program application is one of the cannabis apps that allow business owners to do just that. In fact, it also aids employees in organizing and tracking everything that needs to be done for the week. This would result in work efficiency, providing a simple way for the managers to be kept updated on what employees have accomplished on a weekly basis without having to do spot checks. The app also gives managers the capability to assign specific tasks and give team feedback.


Everybody knows about Dropbox for uploading files, but you may not know that Dropbox also has a program application. This is one of the cannabis apps that keeps all files, no matter what they are. It keeps photos, documents and spreadsheets; just to name a few – that you can share with the whole work team. The team can access these files at any time and from any location.


CardMunch may sound like something you eat, but it is not. It is all about business cards and how you can keep all the business cards that you may have acquired; all in one place. This is one of the cannabis apps that you must have, especially if you attend cannabis events and meet other entrepreneurs and want to exchange your company information. You don't have to keep all those business cards in your wallet or drawer. CardMunch will hold them all for you and allow you to easily contact the business owner when you want to. To do so, take a picture of the business card and if the business owner has a LinkedIn page, the program application will find the contact and request a connection.


The cannabis industry and business owners have been better off because of BillMinder. This is one of the cannabis apps that is your new bookkeeper, especially if you cannot afford one yet. BillMinder keeps track of your bills so that you don't have to forget. All you have to do is to link your important accounts to the app. The program application will remind you when your bill is due and how much you should pay each month.

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