Movies to Watch While Stoned: Smuggler’s Edition

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We’re back with more movies to watch while stoned: smuggler’s edition. If you don’t, then you must be living on a different planet. However, not every story has the happy ending that you may be looking for. We found a list of top marijuana smuggler movies that you should watch, if you want to enjoy a good story. With these movies, you get to see the highs and lows of smuggling. Each of these smuggler movies has different style and tone. You may find that one or two of them show the negative side of smuggling. Others show the glamorous side where people make unlimited amounts of money to buy large homes and multiple vehicles. Let’s dive in to see if this is all that exist with smuggler movies. 

Mr. Nice

It was in 2010 that Mr. Nice came onto the movie scene. This is one of the smuggler movies that showcase Howard Marks and his life as a smuggler. The movie is taken from his book that was written when he left prison in the 1990s. In the movie, Rhy Ifans plays the character of Marks. He was one of the most popular weed smugglers during the 60s and 80s. His life changed when he came in contact with M16 and IRA; German smugglers. The one of the movie is light hearted and so you should enjoy it. 

City of God

It was in 2002 that City of God came out. This is one of the smuggler movies you might have already watched. If not, you should consider doing so. The movie is based on a novel written by Paulo Lins. It describes how smuggling took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where it was an organized crime situation.  In this movie, two sets of drug dealers break out in war over smuggling. City of God will have you sitting upright in your seat. It is so captivating and gives you an inside look into that lifestyle. 


Traffic is also one of the most popular smuggler movies and was made in 2000. This movie is quite unique because the storyline has four parts to it. Some of those parts intertwine while others don’t. The movie shows two sides of the law; depicting the thin line that exists between them. The storyline shows the different viewpoints of smuggling and drug use. The characters include the DEA, Mexican police, judge from Ohio and the user. The plot involves the war on drugs. The cast members are known celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. This is a captivating and true story of drug smuggling. 

Pineapple Express

In 2008, the Pineapple Express is one of the smuggling movies that came on the scene. It is comical; providing a humorous perspective on smuggling. James Franco and Seth Rogen are two of the characters. They prove to be quite funny and their performance is hilarious. Rogen was witness to a murder and upon fleeing, he left his half finished joint behind and it became one of the evidences in the crime. 

Maria Full of Grace

In 2004, Maria Full of Grace became one of the best smuggler movies of all times. It is a story of a Columbian girl known as Maria. She was only seventeen years of age. She is the only one who supported her family while being employed in a flower plantation.  This film is based on a true story. Her boss was treating her unfairly and so she quite the job. Soon after, she discovers that she is pregnant. Unable to take care of herself and family, she accepted the proposition of a drug smuggler to become a mule. She receives a large amount of money to swallow over sixty drug pellets and then transport these to the state of New York. It is a fascinating story line. 

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