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Are you one of the cannabis lovers who just cannot get enough of this stuff that affects you in a positive way? Some avid users cannot start their day without it and others use it to meditate and get through the day.

One thing is evident and that is the World Wide Web has a lot of information for pot smokers or cannabis lovers who want to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry such as the best cannabis strains on the market or the newest cannabis recipes to make.

One of the ways that information is presented as it relates to weed is through Youtube channels. There are some interesting videos on that you will find informative. has always delivered when it comes to giving cannabis lovers what they want to see and hear. While it can be entertaining, it is also quite informative.

Many Possibilities

There are a wide range of possibilities that Youtube channels offer and that includes product reviews, new recipes, comical videos, information and so much more. We have found some of the best Youtube channels that cannabis lovers can subscribe to and receive ongoing updates about the industry and more. If one of your objectives is to keep in tune with the cannabis community, then delivers. Most of these videos were created by people who have a passion for cannabis and want to tell their story or share information or news. And most of these channel owners come from all over the world. Let us look at some of these channels and what they have to offer.

Two High Guys

The Youtube Channel called “Two High Guise” is just as the name suggests and so many cannabis lovers gravitate towards it because of the fun adventures that they get to see these guys experience. The two guys give cannabis tips, provide industry reviews and more. While, these guys may take breaks in producing new Youtube videos, the information already there will never get old or stale.

Educational High

If you are one of the cannabis lovers that wants to understand more about the industry and other cannabis topics, this is the Youtube channel to consider. This channel is mostly about educational topics rather than just smoking weed.

Strain Central

Strain Central is owned by this guy that lives in Washington State and his name is Josh. He actually smokes weed while educating his Youtube audience on his channel. He has so much enthusiasm and has gained more than 400,000 followers because his presentation is captivating and informative. He has pot challenges and some high gaming. He also gives his audience cannabis strain and product reviews.

Silenced Hippie

Silenced Hippie is also a Youtube channel is for cannabis lovers who want to see weed from a female perception. Her name is Sasha, which is not her real name. She uses that name to hide her identity from friends and family. She makes videos that she shares with her followers, giving away products and filming cannabis tours and events while she discusses bong hits and other weed smoking mechanisms.

Cannabis Training University

If you are looking for cool cannabis videos on things like how to grow weed, how to open a dispensary, budtender certification, how to cook with cannabis, medical marijuana, making weed butter, 420 careers, and other marijuana stuff, check out the Youtube page at Cannabis Training University. CTU has over 4 million YouTube views on its cannabis channel. If you are looking for information on how to grow weed, how to cook with weed how to make cannabutter, and other awesome videos check out the Cannabis Training University Youtube page.


If you are one of those cannabis lovers who is interested in cannabis recipes, the Herb channel on is where you will find much of what you are seeking. There are a lot of “how to” videos that you can take advantage of. This channel has more than 14,000 subscribers and the videos have more than a million views.


Vice is a Youtube channel for cannabis lovers who cannot get enough cannabis news and consistently search for updates in the industry. This channel has been informing subscribers about the cannabis industry and culture since 2005.

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