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Here are some of the best cannabis podcasts you can listen to. So many people love to listen to podcasts because of the wealth of information that it provides and the dominance that it has on the Internet these days. In fact, it is going over into the cannabis industry as many enthusiasts are using cannabis podcasts to reach a new and targeted audience. It brings such appeal, even more than books because all you need is a pair of headphones and time to listen to the next episode as these are recorded weekly in most cases. You can relax while listening to cannabis podcasts and so you should make sure to carve out special time for it.

Choose Wisely

For a few years now, cannabis podcasts are becoming quite popular on Netflix and iTunes; among other platforms and most of the time, they are of the highest quality, but that varies too. If you are a marijuana consumer, you already know what your interest is going in and so to not waste your time, you should choose your cannabis podcasts wisely. We have saved you time by providing a list of these cannabis podcasts so you don't have to conduct a search. Our list includes programs that are high in information and entertainment and education. Listening to one of the episodes of these cannabis podcasts is like chatting and smoking with another stoner. Each episode will engage your attention and you will be well informed at the end.

Dude Grows Show

One of the cannabis podcasts that has a lot of content is the “Dude Grows Show.” Scotty Real is the moderator and creator. He talks about the industry news, cultivation, humor and the culture. He creates a podcast every morning. He discusses how people can cultivate weed legally for the first time without hitting roadblocks. There is a large amount of information provided by someone who is experience with cannabis cultivation. Listeners are allowed to ask questions. If you have an interest in growing weed legally, then this is one of the cannabis podcasts to put on your list.

Doug Benson

If you want to get high while listening to one of the best cannabis podcasts, check out Doug Benson who is a comedian and documentary creator. He meets with different guests who are generally other comedians and interviews them extensively. If you become a listener, you will learn a lot about smoking accessories and various marijuana strains. Several of the segments include a history of how some of the guests got high for the first time.  Then, Doug will cover marijuana industry news, trivia questions and so much more. For an amazing experience with Doug Benson, make sure you light up and smoke a joint before listening to his episodes. You will be laughing like crazy by the time you finish.

The Potcast

On the Internet and on other platforms, you will find many cannabis podcasts that target the culture and industry. It is not difficult to create a podcast and that is why the “Potcast” is so well received because of its long interviews related to culture and breeding. The podcast is fun and very informative with a lot of variety and tons of personalities being interviewed.

Adam Dunn

If you are looking for a reliable podcast, then Adam Dunn provides a three hour show each week. This is one of the top cannabis podcasts on iTunes. Each of his episodes discusses industry news, rumors, culture and science as well as much more. You will feel as if you have just taken a university class in marijuana each week. Adam Dunn also invites guest speakers in the industry as well as professionals outside of the industry. You will get tons of information about cannabis, its laws and growing weed.

Those are some of the Best Cannabis Podcasts You Can Listen To. We hope you get a chance to listen in!

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