Best Accommodations for Marijuana Enthusiasts

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Recreational marijuana is making a lot of gains in the cannabis industry and other industries and businesses are catching on and many want to get a piece of the pie.

Medical marijuana is also part of the fray as patients seek an alternative method of treatment. Some states are also decriminalizing weed and so more marijuana enthusiasts are taking advantage of this.

Marijuana dispensaries and owners of hotel accommodations are also taking advantage of pot tourism. However, despite all of this, we still have a little way to go before users can be seen smoking their joint on the side of the street. In states where weed is legal, you can purchase it, but you aren't allowed to smoke it in public. But, you can smoke it in an enclosed area as long as it is legal in the location where you are visiting or live.

Cannabis Friendly Accommodations

There are a few Airbnb listings that seem to be cannabis friendly in certain cities across the nation. In addition, you will find similar listings in Bud and Breakfast as well as the Travel Joint where marijuana enthusiasts can experience the freedom of smoking their weed.

It can be quite tricky, though, to locate lodgings that openly tell you that they are cannabis friendly. However, when you do find one, the experience can be quite amazing. Some of these lodgings even provide you with the weed when you arrive.

There are a few that go one step further to offer smoking accessories and guided tours, if you go to a place like the Bob Marley spot in Jamaica. Let's look at some of the accommodations that specifically cater to marijuana enthusiasts.

Jupiter Hotel

The Jupiter Hotel is located in Portland, Oregon. It is a boutique hotel that has a rate of $152 per night. Its architectural design is amazing for marijuana enthusiasts. When you book a room here, it is OK to get high. When you arrive, you get a welcome vape pen and munchie kit. You also get coupons to shop at the closest marijuana dispensary so you can purchase weed, if you don't have any.

420 Luxury Condo

420 Luxury Condo is one of the properties owned by the Travel Joint. This is a great escape into an oasis and property that is 33 stories high. It is the perfect place to escape from your busy city life. You pay $140 per night for this amazing location in Las Vegas. The location comes with 24 hour room service, pool, concierge, hot tub and spa. There is a stock of curated marijuana products for sale on the property.

Little Bay Cabins

Marijuana enthusiasts can stay in Negril Jamaica at the Little Bay Cabins for $50 per night. This tropical destination is good for marijuana smokers as Jamaica has decriminalized its marijuana laws and allows a certain amount of weed possession, also allowing visitors and locals to smoke a joint. You will get a peek into the Rastafarian culture. You can take advantage of the tour to Bob Marley's swimming cave.

Lodge Style Chalet

Take a trip to Snowmass, Colorado and spend a night or two at the Lodge Style Chalet where you will pay a whopping $900 per night. There are only five bedrooms in this mountain escape. Guests are given a vaporizer and marijuana to consume. Cozy up around the fireplace and step outside into the hot tub while smoking your joint.

The Winston House

Check in at the Winston House located in Seattle Washington where you will pay $89 per night. This cannabis friendly accommodation has earned glowing reviews from marijuana enthusiasts. You get marijuana accessories to enjoy your smoking. Guests sit around campfires at night to smoke weed.

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