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Let's examine some of the top things to do while growing cannabis. There is a science behind growing cannabis so that it can be healthy and hearty when it comes time to harvest. Cannabis is considered an herbal plant because of its benefits. It is easy to grow, but you have to know what you are doing. First, you must have the ideal environment and the best soil. Some cannabis growers make the mistake of not paying close attention to certain things and end up getting a bad harvest. Let's take a look at the important things to take into consideration.


When you are growing cannabis, it is important to think about privacy. You cannot let everyone know that you are doing this. Why? Well, even though, you are legally growing marijuana, it might still attract thieves and unscrupulous activities. You want to avoid any unnecessary drama at all cost. It takes up to three months to grow weed and so you want to maintain privacy as much as possible.

Premium Cannabis Seeds

Begin with the best cannabis seeds. Don't use seeds that you are unsure of or you will have uncertain results. Yes, you may have fun experimenting with different seeds, but you want to invest in good cannabis seeds or you will be wasting your time or energy plating the wrong seeds and reaping the worst results. Use feminized seeds since these are almost guaranteed to give you the best results, producing female plants that have healthy buds.

Most seeds that you buy will come with specific instructors for growing cannabis. You will know the type of CBD and THC contents resulting from those seeds. Also, you will be aware of how to plan for your crop because you will have an idea of how tall the marijuana plant will be and how long it will take to grow. You will know if the marijuana plant will need more attention or whether to plant indoors or outdoors. Do not sprout the seeds using paper towels or you will have to move the seedlings while they are tender. Instead, you should start planting the seeds in the right medium.

Cannabis Cloning

Do not propagate your marijuana plants because this will only put everything at risk. It will only introduce diseases and pests into your crop. Cloning is also an essential part of growing cannabis. When you clone your plant, it is guaranteed that you will get healthy female plants.

Cannabis Growth Cycle Timing

When growing cannabis, it is important to time your growth cycle. Make sure to sow your seeds during the first week of June when the climate is right. This gives the marijuana plants the right time to finish the growth cycle in less time while it still produces the best harvest. When the summer solstice has completed its course, the days begin to get shorter. This will induce your marijuana plants so that they move along into the budding and flowering phase without any unnecessary overly extreme height growth.

The Cannabis Growth Culture

Marijuana plants are resistant to drought and need to have the best in air circulation. You also need the best drainage system so that the plant does not suffer from getting too much food and water. When you are growing cannabis indoors, it is best to use sandy loam soil. You should water these when the top three inches of soil remains dry. You should have a well-built hydroponic system too so that you don't water the plan too much.

Feed Your Cannabis Plants

Use organic fertilizers to feed your plant when growing cannabis. Begin with a quarter dilution and then increase the food potency gradually. If you notice the marijuana plant leaves curling or showing malformation signs, you should spray water on the leaves.

The Cannabis Harvest

Pay attention to the pistils to see when they turn from a white color to a brown color. Try to wait until the pistils turn mostly brown. The plants should be hung upside down, especially in a dark room where the air circulation is the best. Make sure the stems are all dry before picking the buds and then start the curing process.

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