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The existing framework for medical cannabis in Canada permits a specific number of cannabis producers to receive certification from Health Canada so they can be regulated as it pertains to producing medical marijuana. There are about fifty cannabis producers that are licensed and authorized to create cannabis products across the Canadian provinces. Most of these companies are located in British Columbia and Ontario. Below you will find a list of some of the cannabis producers in Canada that have made their obvious mark in the cannabis industry. Most of them have become the top producers in Canada.


Tweed is one of the cannabis producers in Canada that has the largest medical marijuana brand. It is gaining traction in the cannabis industry as more small companies continue to deal in merger and acquisitions. Tweed has become the MMJ leader in more ways than one. Located in Ontario, the company is seeing their stock price increase to more than double.

Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. is located in Aurora, which is located a little to the north of Calgary. It is considered one of the largest cannabis producers in Alberta. The company operates from an 800,000 square foot building, which is the size of about sixteen football fields. The facility has the capacity to grow more than 100,000 KM of high quality marijuana annually.

THC Biomed

THC Biomed specializes in cloning distribution for medical cannabis patients so they can grow it at home. The company is one of the initial cannabis producers to receive regulation from Health Canada. The company is proud of its social and environmental stance and provides medical cannabis patients with a wide variety of medicinal genetics.


Tilray is considered one of the medical cannabis producers in Vancouver Island, Canada. The Tilray company supplies the West Coast with some of the highest standard of quality as it relates to marijuana. The company hires PhD botanists in their facility that continues to work on the genetics of cannabis to produce the best medicine.

7 Acres

7Acres is one of the cannabis producers that are known to have the first unique greenhouse. The company grows medical cannabis in a different way, but with passion and care to help those who are medically ill.


MedReleaf is also one of the cannabis producers that have been certified in North America. It is a company with a lot of dedication to caring for medical cannabis patients. They are involved with research and scientific innovation and advancement for quality therapeutic benefits.

ABcann Medicinals

Abcann Medicinals takes pride in offering organic cannabis to medical marijuana patients. As cannabis producers, they also go to lengths to provide affordable pricing.

Broken Coast Cannabis

Broken Coast Cannabis is one of the cannabis producers located in the west coast of British Columbia. They offer flt rate shipping and customized genetics.

Canada’s Island Garden

Canada's Island Garden is the only cannabis producer located in Prince Edward Island. They are into cannabis growing of vegetables and fruits.

Canna Farms

Canna Farms used to be one of the first cannabis producers in British Columbia, but have had other companies join the fold. The company prides itself in providing high quality cannabis products to medically ill patients.


CanniMed was formed in 2013 and is one of the cannabis producers that have access to reliable supplies of pharmaceutical-grade marijuana. Prairie Plant Systems is their parent company and is the exclusive supplier of medical marijuana to Health Canada


CannTrust is one of the cannabis producers with more than forty years experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. They have an in-house lab that does research and testing of equipment and innovative technology.

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