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There is allegedly a popular illegal marijuana farmer in Holland. Do you know anything about Doede de Jong? Have you even heard about him? Well, he got that title before weed was legalized.

De Jong began the sale of hash from his Friesland marijuana farm in the Netherland. He started in 1970. Today, he is still a marijuana farmer, well respected now, but still considered doing illegal farming. He is now 67 years old and is proud of his accomplishments, honest love of marijuana plants, strong principles and amazing sense of humor.

De Jong doesn't care if you call him an old hipster. He has the same 1960's values as many in that era had and he loves the freedom of planting, harvesting and smoking weed. He has an aggressive determination to do what he pleases when it comes to cultivating marijuana and selling it.

The Past

In the 1970's, De Jong sold hash that he had purchased while on his regular visits to Amsterdam. He wasn't actually making a profit since, at the time, he purchased it at cost. It took one of his friends to convince him to put on ten cents to his sale price for each gram of hash that he was selling. This helped to cover his train or bus ticket when he traveled to Amsterdam. So, you can see that De Jong was not into this for money. It was obvious that he just loved weed. And still today, he remains the same way.

The Ban

According to his friends, De Jong was bent on banning the disrespect and intolerance that society placed on cannabis. This marijuana farmer wanted it to be abolished because of the benefits that he experienced with weed. He didn't want to be the norm so in the early 1980's when Dutch residents began to grow potent marijuana strains from the United States, he joined in fast. He loved his cannabis gardening ever since he was a child.

His Activities

He openly talked about his cannabis garden and was featured in one of the local newspaper as an illegal marijuana farmer. He didn't care who knew what he was doing. Doede spoke out against the paradox of the existing marijuana policy in the Netherlands. He was an outspoken marijuana farmer and advocate, letting everyone know how he stood on the matter. De Jong hated the fact that Holland had coffees hops selling weed, but none of its residents could grow it at the time.

The Documentary

By 2011, after doing a documentary called Dutch Weed, De Jong was suddenly a celebrity to people in the nation and around the world as his face became known on social media platforms like YouTube.com. The documentary of this illegal marijuana farmer in Holland showed him tending his marijuana plants in a greenhouse that he built by hand.

You can see him manicuring and tending to his crop in a delicate and passionate way. He explains the steps taken to obtain a harvest and sell some of it to a specific weed coffee shop in Leeuwarden, a nearby city. He talks about how is defending his court case for wearing his marijuana T-shirt with the flag of Frisian on it.

Final Thoughts

He questioned the Attorney General about how marijuana can be sold in thirteen Leeuwarden coffee shops and he couldn't sell it as a local marijuana farmer. He also urged the court not to sentence him for his so-called illegal marijuana farming.

Even with his documentary plea, the court still gave him a guilty plea. However, in October 2015, things turned around to his advantage as the courts refused to administer a sentence of punishment for what was called illegal. He succumbed to a fine in civil court later on, which was a happy medium for the alleged illegal marijuana farmer.

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