50 Best Marijuana Grow Lights
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  1. 50 Best Marijuana Grow Lights to Buy Right Now
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Marijuana Grow Lights

In this article, we will explore 50 of the best marijuana grow lights that you can employ when growing your cannabis plants indoors. These lights are used to mimic sun light to optimize growth and deliver bigger buds.

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50 Best Marijuana Grow Lights to Buy Right Now

Let’s get right into the best marijuana grow lights on the market right now.

1. Kind LED Grow Lights K5 XL750

Perfect Mix of 3 & 5 Watt Diodes Increases Overall Efficiency and Intensity, Resulting in Huge Yields
Full Spectrum Control Allows Digital Tuning of Spectrum to Match Any Plant Type at Any Stage of Growth, Veg or Flower
Largest Footprint of Any LED in the Industry, Now Matching That of its HPS Counterpart
Secondary Optical Lens Magnifies PAR and Increases Canopy Penetration By Up to 200%.

2.2 Pack Lumini 600w Hydroponic LED Grow Light with UVB (Full Cycle) + Master Controller

This LED grow light from Lumini is a full-cycle light used for vegetative, flowering, and UVB stages of growth. It comes with a controller that controls up to ten lights. This grow light provides different temperatures and light settings. You can also set up a timer to turn it off after some time.

3. ZWD LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Dimmable COB 600W for Indoor Plant Growth

This grow light adopts a unique design with 6 lamp beads totaling 600W that can be hanged over your plants. It offers scientific light color distribution, which is ideal for growing plants indoors. These lights combine the intensity of HPS bulbs with the high PAR output of red and blue LED lights. This light also features COB LED chips which provide a much source of light.

4. CREE CXB3590 600W Dimmable COB LED Grow Light

This dimmable COB LED grow light aims to provide natural light to your plants while they grow. These lights use high-quality COB LED drivers, USA COB holders, and a German connector. It is ideal for any stage of the growth process and promises a high yield upon harvest.

5. Carson Technology High Yield Full Spectrum 640W LED Grow Light For All Phases Of Plant Growth

This grow light from Carson Technology features LED lights that use 640W. They can be hung directly above plants and offer a 5′ by 5′ coverage. This light also offers a multi-color spectrum that you can tweak to match your plant's preferences. It doesn't produce a lot of heat, and it saves energy.

6. Jammas 100w Full Spectrum led Grow Lights

Jammas offers 100 LED lights that power 100W of light to your plants. This type of light is ideal for any stage of plant growth. It aims to boost yield and support indoor growing. These lights offer full-spectrum light ranging from 380nm to 840nm.

7. FGI Uniformity Pro 640 Commercial Grow Light Paired with The FGI Dimming Controller

With these Forever Green Indoors lights, you can get up to 30 meters of lights with one controller for maximum efficiency and power saving. This grow light offers 4′ by 4′ coverage which is ideal for a small plant grown indoors. It offers a total of 8 grow bars that take 640W to mimic conditions of the sun. It offers a full spectrum of light, including white and red diodes, which are ideal for boosting plant yield.

8. ZWD Dimmable CREE CXB3590 3500k Cob Led Grow Light

This grow light is a strip light that contains 4 bulbs housed in water-tight crystal cases. It offers a larger exposure area for your plants. The 4 bulbs are driven by 400W, and high-grade HLG-240 LED drivers. This grow light is ideal for getting your greens to flower, allowing a full spectrum of light to be offered as a replacement for sunlight while indoors.

9. ZWD 1800W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

This innovative ZWD grow light takes a total of 1800W of power to provide an adjustable light spectrum ideal for all stages of plant growth, including sprouting, flowering, and fruit-bearing. One great feature of this grow light is that it has excellent heat management. It contains an aluminum heat sink and built-in fans to ensure it doesn't conduct heat towards your precious plants.

10. ZWD Led Grow Light 1500W Full Spectrum High-Efficiency Led Grow Light

Offering a larger exposure area, this LED grow light from ZWD 12 pieces of full-spectrum lights within one hangable lamp. It features LED COB lights, a double dimmer, and a nifty on/off switch to help control the LED COB depending on the growth stage, for example, vegetative or blooming.

11. Sunshine Systems GPP300 GrowPanel 300 Watt Pro LED Grow Light

Sunshine System’s metal frame houses 300W grow light that covers an area of 50 square feet. It can also be hung up using an integrated hanging kit. This GrowPanel emits next no heat, which is ideal in growing marijuana that needs a regulated amount of heat. It uses less than 80% of the power employed in a metal halide grow lamp.

12. G8LED C3 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The C3 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light from G8LED is a sturdy set of 6 band lights that provide light to a 5ft by 5ft space. This grow light is capable of growing healthier and bigger buds. It promises more trichomes, increased aroma, and better flavors in flowers and fruits. It has a special button for the flowering phase that increases red, far-red, and hyper-red light intensity by 90% to increase yield and maximize your harvest.

13. Magical Growth P600 LED Grow Light

The Magical Growth P600 LED Grow Light uses 600W to produce a spectrum blend of light for higher yield. It features dual dimmable LED lights separately optimized for the vegetative and flowering stage of your plants. This grow light also comes with a customizable timer and a wireless remote to help you adjust settings without touching the light.

14. ZWD WIFI APP Controller 900W LED Grow Light LED Plant Lamp

This grow light from ZWD features innovative technology such as WIFI-controlled temperature and light settings and QR code scanning to download their free app. This light uses a diverse light wavelength ratio to boost photosynthesis and help plants better absorb chlorophyll and carotene.

15. Jammas 6pcs 100W Multiband 7-Band Full Spectrum High Power LED Plant Grow Light

This Jammas grow light is a set of 6 small LED lights that can be assembled to create a powerful lamp for plant growth. The combined strength of 100W offers a full-spectrum light source capable of increasing yield and growing bigger buds. It has a small light decay, meaning you get 100% light from the LED bulbs. These LED lights have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours.

16. Eazy Grow Lights Hydroponic Indoor LED Grow Light

The Indoor LED Grow Light from Eazy Grow Lights is a perfect choice for marijuana grow lights. They specialize in creating natural light conditions, which are ideal for providing your cannabis plant with the right conditions for high yield. The high-tech aluminum body dissipates any heat that would affect temperatures around your plants. It contains 12 LED lights with a wide-angle of exposure for natural plant light.

17. G8LED C2 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Choosing a grow light with an integrated flower booster might be all you need to harvest big buds. This C2 Enhanced Full Spectrum LED Grow Light magnifies the flowering phase of your cannabis plant by emitting the red-light intensity by 90%. Each color has a different frequency noted to boost different plant stages.

18. ZWD LED Light Bar, 360W LED Grow Light

Hanging grow light blocks are among the most popular and efficient forms of artificial light. The ultra-bright 200W capacity offers a full spectrum of light colors that boost seedling, vegetative cycles of plant life. These lights may also help reduce the growth cycle and allow you to harvest at a shorter time limit.

19. FGI Light panel 500 V2 Next Gen True Commercial Grade LED Grow Light

From Forever Green Indoors (FGI,) we have a panel-style light arrangement. It is four feet long and can be hung above the plants to offer a wide-angle natural light. The light emitted is on a three-color channel spectrum. It also has a setting to tune and dim lights according to the preferences of your plant strains.

20. Yearld Pro 660W LED Grow Light

These grow lights from Yearld are a self-proclaimed industry top product. They are equipped with Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers, which increase the quality of the grow lights. Additionally, these grow lights use emit full-spectrum channel colors that maximize different stages of growth, including vegetative and flowering stages, which is important for growing healthy buds.

21. Magical Growth P450 LED Grow Light

Magical growth offers growth lights that aim at providing proprietary spectrum channel colors for higher yields. These LED dimmable lights can be controlled to change the range of brightness that reaches your plants. With a timer and handheld wireless remote, you have all the tools to take care of your plants with full control.

22. APO-20 Full Spectrum 300x3W 900 Watts LED Grow Light

The APO-20 LED marijuana grow lights deliver 900W distributed among 3 LED lights with optical lenses for maximum distribution of light. These lights are ideal for indoor gardens, pot cultures, and greenhouses. These lights have an intelligent monitoring system and a heat-dissipating mechanism to ensure the lights do not heat up and upset the climate within the plant environment.

23. Ledzeal Matrix Series Led Grow Light

The Ledzeal Matrix Series hydroponic aluminum board kit works well to deliver optimal full spectrum light channels that give your plants all the necessary nutrients they would otherwise get from natural sunlight. These lights have a high output of 820W, and the individual lights have a large coverage area. This is ideal for growing marijuana plants that have very specific preferences for climate and environmental factors.

24. Lumini 420W Hydroponic LED Indoor Grow Light

Lumini’s Hydroponic LED Indoor Grow Light boasts a color temperature changing system. You can adjust the channel of light according to what works for your cannabis plants. They have an output of 420W and remote control that lets you adjust settings without having to touch the lights themselves. These lights cover a surface area of 4.5 feet by 5.5 feet.

25. Miracle LED 100W Commercial Red Spectrum Bay Grow Light

Miracle LED creates energy-efficient LED that emits only a small amount of heat that won't disrupt the climate in your greenhouse. These lights have an output of 100W and can cover an area of at least 15 plants. This bright red light is a powerful and healthy source of nutrients for flowering in cannabis buds.

26. Optic Vero LED Grow Light

These lights from Optic have the added advantage of using BridgeLux Vero LED Chips made in the USA. Each grow light features an aluminum case with 4 LED lights with an output of 400W total. Each LED light is made using a specially-designed X3 lens angled towards a full 100-degree angle of penetration. The lenses act as a high-powered magnifying glass which helps with improving light penetration through the deepest parts of the canopy.

27. SPIDER FARMER SF-4000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer delivers a bundle with two important items for marijuana cultivation – a high spectrum LED grow light and a fan filter combo that contains a powerful fan, high-performance carbon filter, flexible duct, and a complete ventilation system. This impressive package is a delight among cannabis growers because of its ability to provide larger harvests in terms of buds. The light hangs overhead and covers a surface area of 5 feet by 5 feet.

28. VIPARSPECTRA XS2000 LED Grow Light

VIparspectra is a grow light brand that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. They are known for their durable grow lights for indoor farming. This grow light from Viparspectra uses Samsung LM301B diodes which generate high energy efficiency and shine natural sunlike light on your plants. These grow lights offer an optimal full spectrum light and flexible dimmer that you can set according to your preferences. It doesn't produce any noise like other lights, but it efficiently dissipates any heat generated thanks to its solid aluminum heat sinks.

29. Sportt LED Plant Grow Light With Control Box

Among these robust grow light features include high-performance LED lights, high waterproof rating, efficient aluminum sinks, and no exposed cabling. This grow light is made using high-quality tiny light beads that offer luminous efficiency and provide natural sunlike light for plant growth and higher yields. These lights also offer a daisy chain connection, which means you can connect two lights of the same kind without any additional cables.

30. VIPARSPECTRA Latest P2000 LED Grow Light

Enjoy higher-quality yields with this innovative grow light from Viparspectra. These lights utilize the latest technology in the market, including Samsung LM301B diodes that offer high energy efficiency with 2.9 umol/J. These lights deliver an optimal spectrum for healthy growth and high yield. It also features an efficient heat dissipation system that keeps the indoor climate regulated. There are no fans in this grow light system, making for a peaceful and quiet environment for your plants.

31. iPower RP6000E Sunlike Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The iPower LED Grow light offers a sunlike light source for your precious plants. These LED lights can be dimmed based on the plant growth cycle, the seedling, flowering, and vegetative state. With an efficiency of 2.9 umol/J and high-tech Samsung diodes, this grow light has a long lifespan. The full spectrum channel colors ensure that your plants are catered for no matter what stage of growth they are on.

32. Eazy Marijuana Grow Lights Indoor LED Grow Light

Eazy Grow Lights created a grow light specifically catered to growing cannabis sativa strains. This high-tech aluminum panel contains LED lights that deliver 4 different growing channels for every stage of your plant’s growth. It dissipates heat via heat sinks as it has no fans. It also has proprietary daisy chain technology that lets you connect two of the same sets of lights together.

33. iPower 6000W Sunlike Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

These iPower marijuana grow lights are dimmable thanks to a button knob that lets you manipulate the brightness level of the light displayed. This type of full-spectrum light provides color channels for different stages of plant growth. These grow lights have an output corresponding to 600W each while offering a light footprint of 6 by 6 feet.

34. Planted Reflector-Series 900W Exclusive Dimmable LED Grow Light

Plantled’s reflector series provides an exclusive dimmable LED Grow light for any budtenders who need the privacy of indoor gardening. These lights feature a proprietary bandwidth spectrum with 3W diodes for broader coverage of your plants.

35. BAVAGREEN 480W Full Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Light

Bavagreen’s grow lights are a great choice for anyone growing cannabis plants indoors. You can hang them from the ceiling using the sturdy infrastructure. It covers four by four feet, which is ideal for your flowers. The design also features a passive cool heat dissipation thanks to suitable aluminum heat sinks. These lights have an output of 480W, which is a lot lower than other popular grow lights. They aim to deliver a sunlike light for your plants at any stage of growth.

36. VIVOSUN VS4300 LED Grow Light with Air Filtration Kit

This product from Vivosun is a combination of marijuana grow lights, an airflow fan, and a carbon filter. The lights are dimmable using the master controller fixture. Different stages of plant growth require different levels of light to flourish and produce a higher yield.

37. Miracle LED Greenhouse in a Box Daylight Plus Grow Kit for Indoor Plants

Miracle LED offers 32 marijuana grow light bulbs that can be suspended above plants to provide sunlike light within an indoor garden, tent, or greenhouse. The combined power of these bulbs offers 288 square feet of light coverage. Each bulb runs at 15W of power-optimized to reduce wastage of power.

38. Jammas 25W/45W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Perfect for a small indoor plant, the Jammas 25W light offers full-spectrum light channels for all stages of plant growth. These lights have some of the easiest setup procedures with an easy-to-use steel hanging kit.

39. G8LED 450 Watt Red Flower Booster LED Grow Light

Magnify the size of your buds using this innovative light boosting supplemental grow light. Increase your yield by adding a G8LED flower booster to your indoor garden. This LED displays red among the color channels of light spectrums simply because it is only ideal for the flowering stage of the plant.

40. EnFun TQ-6000 LED Grow Light

These LED marijuana grow lights for indoor plants deliver a high light intensity thanks to innovative Samsung and diodes and Meanwell drivers. These lights don't use fans to cool down, so they are quiet and peaceful for your plants. They are reliable and waterproof, working for up to 100,000 hours under ideal conditions.

41. AOSBEIC Plant Growing Lamp

This optimal spectrum ELD lighting offers improved growth in plants. The powerful blue channel increases the growth rate of your plants. The red channel is essential during blooming. The uniform wide beam light distribution can help with higher yields and optimal growth. These lights won't bother your plants with heat or noise because they employ aluminum sinks to deal with heating.

42. Phlizon 4000W QB Grow Light

The Phlizon 4000W QB Grow Light that uses Samsung LM301B diodes to light up the system. With over 928 diodes strategically placed on the set, there is higher light intensity, less light decay, better lumens, and PAR values than ordinary lamp beads. These lights run at lower temperatures and use less power input than the average LED grow lamp. This set comes with a sturdy infrastructure for hanging the lights above your plants.

43. ZWD 1000W LED Grow Lights

Unique Design Shaped Lamp Bead Location Allocation And Scientific Light Color Distribution,You And Your Plant Will Love It.
New Diverse Light Wavelength Ratio promote plants photosynthesis, help plants absorb chlorophyll & carotene.

44. VIVOSUN VS4300 LED Grow Light

For a robust and integrated grow light, this Vivosun VS4300 LED Grow Light delivers a combined grow light, film foil, and compression sprayer for indoor gardening. This LED light is 50% higher in PPFD compared with HID lamps. Plus, it uses less than 40% power consumption for adequate light beam coverage to plants. You can also dim these lights to cater to whatever stage your plants are growing at.

45. 320W Above PAR LED Grow Light

Above PAR LED grow lights are helpful during seed starting, vegetative, and blooming stages of a plant's growth cycle. These lights boast 50,000 hours of a working lifetime. This light can reach a light coverage of about 5 feet by 5 feet. This is ideal for two to three potted plants. This grow light has an output of 320W and emits full-spectrum light.

46. Bozily LED Marijuana Grow Lights

This Bozily set offers 4 light fixtures, each at a capacity of 300W. Your plants will enjoy the full spectrum of sunlike LED light, which can be set to accommodate the stage of growth of your plant. You can control these light channels using the handheld wireless remote control. This LED light set also comes with sturdy hanging structures to support the lights while suspended above your greens.

47. PinkBloom CREE Cob Series 900W LED Plant Grow Light

These lights from PinkBloom are straight to the point. One on/off switch, three dimming settings, and 6 LED lamps, all at a 5W operation. The lights are shielded from high temperatures with the help of high-speed cooling fans and a temperature monitoring device that shuts them off if they get too hot. Your plants will benefit from the full spectrum light for each stage of plant growth.

48. YOOMALL COB LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Indoor Plants Light

This grow light from Yoomall promises the premium experience of using COB technology lights for your plants. It is a full spectrum lamp that offers different channels to suit whatever stage of growth your plant is at. One of the unique features of this light is that it has an automatic shut-off if the lights heat up above 60 degrees.

49. Sun System Marijuana Grow Lights

The Sun System LEC Brand offers an output of 315W while utilizing cutting-edge light-emitting ceramic technology. This LED light fixture features 98% reflective German aluminum and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity, and diffusion. This brand is made in the USA and assures high quality and effective sunlike light for your plants.

50. FGI Square 3 Full Spectrum Plus 730NM FAR Red LED Grow Light

This intricate set of marijuana grow lights might be just what you need to grow huge buds within a short growth cycle. It consists of 3 squares that contain tiny LED beads for maximum coverage. These lights utilize a full spectrum of light, including red and far-red diodes, to improve plant growth. This grow light set displays light directly onto surfaces of 3 by 3 feet. This is ideal for tents and greenhouses.






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  1. 50 Best Marijuana Grow Lights to Buy Right Now

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