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High Times is one of the websites that have made its presence known on the Internet. If you haven't heard of them, you must not live on this planet. Their content is widely read by many cannabis users and enthusiasts as they feature interesting industry news, reviews and recommendations. They are proud of the fact that they have their own marijuana cookbook. Cannabis cultivation is one of their main topics of discussion that many have come to enjoy. However, there are other cannabis cultivation websites that are trying to take the lead and coming in close to the High Times. Let us take a look at some of them.

The 420 Magazine

The 420 Magazine is another major cannabis cultivation website, which has been online since 1993. The site has industry news, facts and details about marijuana. It also has a list of product reviews, head shops and marijuana dispensaries. You can participate in its active online forum where you will meet other members, novice and veterans alike.

Hail Mary Jane

The Hail Mary Jane online magazine discusses a wide range of information about cannabis cultivation, featuring a combination of health and political topics as well as content on fashion, culture and entertainment. They also carry a web directory of marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis businesses. Check out their event calendar and store products.

The Cannabist

Based out of the city of Denver, the Cannabist is one of the cannabis cultivation websites that has gained popularity over the most recent years. The website features cannabis recipes, culture, news and entertainment within the cannabis industry. You probably won't find a how-to guide. However, they do have tons of information about cannabis strains and marijuana product reviews.

Cannabis Culture

If you want to learn more about cannabis cultivation and more, check out the activist magazine online at Cannabis Culture. This magazine is only available on the Internet. You can access their forum and see all the tips and advice offered.

Herb was formerly known as Stoner's Cookbook. It is an online magazine featuring a wide range of marijuana recipes. In the same way like the High Times, has published their own cookbook that is just as popular. They do have how-to guides and feature content on health, culture, cannabis cultivation, entertainment and news.

Stoner Things

Stoner Things is all about getting high. This cannabis cultivation website has a good combination of news, articles, cannabis strain reviews and entertainment. While it is not a magazine, the website does provide useful content to the novice and veteran.

Stuff Stoners Like

You will find Stuff Stoners Like quite informative, featuring current news, industry reviews and interesting marijuana products. You will also find information related to smoking weed and related content.

Growing Weed

Growing Weed is a cannabis cultivation website owned by the well known author, Jorge Cervantes. He is also an expert of marijuana grow operation. There is a paid section on his website. However, he does provide free information in the form of content, Q&A, forum and videos

Grow Weed Easy

The Grow Weed Easy website has tutorials and useful information for the novice and veteran. You will find tons of information on cannabis cultivation and how to successfully and easily grow and harvest marijuana.

Finding Weed

Finding Weed is a website that features dispensaries and other cannabis establishments in major cities where you can find weed. You will also learn how to score marijuana, including the quality and the anticipated price.


The Leafly cannabis cultivation website is well known across the World Wide Web. It has three primary areas, namely an event calendar, dispensary locator and cannabis strain reviews. On this site, you will be able to search and find dispensaries near to you.


Weedmaps operates as a community connecting medical cannabis patients to local cannabis dispensaries. Your location will be detected once you visit the website and if marijuana is legally sold in your area, the map will show all the dispensaries close to you. You can even download a version of their mobile app to receive the same service.

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