Our Favorite Cannabis Twitter Accounts
Our Favorite Marijuana Twitter Accounts. Different computer icons.

Our Favorite Cannabis Twitter Accounts

You have heard about Twitter, haven't you? Well, you should since the person in the White House uses it to reach out to his Republican base. With that being said, many people use Twitter to reach their own followers and to advocate what they believe in. Some people use it subtle to sell their products and services. There are others that use it to direct you to an article that may have been written and posted in a blog or on an online news network. There are also many cannabis users with reputable Twitter accounts.

On several of these accounts, cannabis users will direct followers to their existing or new content and some will sell their cannabis products quite subtle with a link to the product page. We have found a few influential Twitter accounts owned by cannabis users. There are some who will share their political views about weed, share new information within the cannabis industry and dominate their Twitter platform with responsible content. Let's look at some of the top Twitter accounts that cannabis users have come to love.

Weed Humor

The Weed Humor account on Twitter.com has a handle known as @weedhumor. That is how you would find it. As indicated by the name, you will get a lot of laughs about weed. The account has more than 500,000 followers who love the idea of being entertained. Most of the followers are cannabis users or people with an interest in weed and the industry. Most of the Twitter posts are geared towards the philosophy of weed lovers and their actions and thoughts. You will get frequent jokes such as how you might react if you run out of weed. You will be given ideas of how to best roll your joint and pictures of tasty edibles. @WeedHumor is definitely a Twitter account to check out.


@NORML is a Twitter account handle that is an extension of a non-profit cannabis organization that focuses on cannabis law reform. This is primarily what you will get from the Twitter account. The information from this Twitter account is credible and dependable. @NORML places a lot of emphasis on getting public opinion and giving recommendations on cannabis legalization. It also touches on topics such as cannabis prohibition and the future of cannabis. If you are looking for concrete information about the laws governing cannabis, this is the Twitter account you should follow.

Bud Pictures

Another Twitter account that is followed by cannabis users is @BudPictures (or Weed Porn, as it is officially called). This is not for everyone since it is an account that focuses on pot pornography. And this has nothing to do with actual porn. It is about showing off the dankest cannabis strains with their attractive trichomes. In other words, it is for people with a fetish for weed. You will find humorous images and videos made with you in mind, especially those who can relate to creative blunt, pot jokes and other cool stuff.

High Times

High Times Magazine is known around the world for its most current content. This magazine has been online since 1974 and has become quite popular over the years. Its Twitter account is @High_Times_Mag and here, you will get facts about the industry, the impact of weed and you will get to see amazing images of healthy buds. You will get to understand the value of weed. This is definitely a Twitter account to subscribe to.

Still Blazing Tho

The Still Blazing Tho Twitter account has an official name – Weed Tweets. The number of followers is more than a million. You will find comical content, quotes and fresh content. Their quotes are really funny; things you can use in your own life as one of the avid cannabis users. It will definitely put a smile on your face. Follow this account at @StillBlazingTho!

Cannabis Training University

Cannabis Training University's Twitter page is full of useful cannabis news on everything from how to grow weed, to how to find a cannabis job, to the best way to make cannabis butter. CTU's cannabis social media reach is one of the largest in the world. Cannabis Training University has over 1.4 million followers on facebook, over 4 million youtube views, and over 100 thousand followers on Twitter. Follow CTU at @CannabisTU


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