Best Things To Do On A Cannabis High
Best Things To Do On A Cannabis High

Best Things To Do On A Cannabis High

It is an amazing feeling to have that cannabis high, if you ask avid stoners. However, there are times that you might feel like doing something while you are getting high. Yes, by then, you might need to do something more than just sit there with that cannabis high. However, you should have an idea of the things that you could be doing before you get high. But, don't worry. We have made a list of some fun things that you can actually enjoy with that cannabis high. You don't have to produce a wrestling video in your backyard nor do you have to taunt that badger eyeing you. Those ideas will take too much out of you. So, let's look at the list of fun things that we have compiled for the person with that cannabis high.


If you don't know how to dance, just start moving when you have that cannabis high. Before you know it, you will be giggling and having fun, especially if you are trying to dance with someone else who might also be high. Be as imaginative and creative as you can be.

Create Artwork

If you are not a good artist, just grab some paper, pencil, crayons, paint or coloring pencil and let your imagination fly. You could spend hours and hours doing this until you are lost into oblivion. Afterwards, when you look at what you have done, it might surprise you how creative you can be while you are high.

Try Making New Cuisine

If you are not a good cook, you might be a good eater. There might be something that you have always wished that you could cook and try. You can go straight to the Internet to find videos that show you how to cook a new cuisine. That could be a lot of fun when you are on that cannabis high. If you are cooking with someone else who is high, then it can be even more fun. If you don't want to cook something new, you could try cooking your most favorite food. Because after being on cannabis high, you can get really hungry.

Listen to Good Music

While on cannabis high, you can listen to your most favorite music. Turn up the volume, get your feet tapping and voice singing and allow your body to move to that beat. This is a great way to change your vibe and start to smile and have fun.

Hula Hooping

Become a kid again and go take out that hula hoop and start using it. You could be a professional by the time you are hula hooping on cannabis high. There is just something about feeling like a ki again and following the rhythm of a hula hoop as it spins.

Check Out the Local Circus

If you have a circus in your town at the moment, then this would be an ideal place to be when you are on cannabis high. You could check out the different rides while you giggle away. If you don't currently have a circus in your locale, you can create your circus environment. Be imaginative.

Visit the Local Art Museum

It would also be nice to visit a local art museum, if you are up to that. It will amplify your imagination and aesthetics. It also puts you in a creative headspace. It could be a nice way to get some good creative ideas.

Surf the Internet

Visit the World Wide Web and surf around to see what you find. One click could take you to numerous places where you will discover new things and let your hair down while you are on cannabis high.

Hang Out With Friends

As long as you are hanging out with friends and involved in deep conversation, you should be having fun while you are on cannabis high. Nothing is better than hanging out with people that you care about and care about you. The sky is the limit to what you can do together for some good ole fun!


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