Best Places To Hide A Cannabis Stash In Your Home
Best Places To Hide Cannabis Stash In Your Home

Best Places To Hide A Cannabis Stash In Your Home

It can be quite tricky to hide your cannabis stash in your home, especially, if you reside with other people in the house and if they are not friendly towards weed. Why? Well, the aroma lone will give you away. However, we have compiled a few ideas that have already been proven to work for many cannabis enthusiasts. In an ideal situation, all of the cannabis users would prefer to live in a house that is friendly towards weed and would love to have friends and acquaintances that are OK with pot smoking. However, this is not always the case. There are people who have that luxury, but for the most part, the opposite is true. Below are some of the best places that you can hide your cannabis stash at home to secure it.

The Foundation

Let's first lay the groundwork or foundation before we get to the list of places you can hide your cannabis stash at home. The first thing you have to consider is the aroma or smell. The pungent smell is a great giveaway to finding your cannabis stash. For that reason, you should put it in a container prior to hiding it in any location. This will take care of the smell. If you prefer not to use a container such as a mason jar because your secret location does not have enough space, then use air tight proof bags that diminishes the smell as much as the mason jar. You should also minimize the risk of someone fining your cannabis stash by putting it somewhere that no one will think of looking for weed. Be creative!

Zip Lock Bag

The other consideration is to hide your cannabis stash on the outside, but first put it in a zip lock bag. It is possible that you live in a situation where family members make surprise visits to your home and you don't feel comfortable stashing your weed indoors. Well, the next best thing is to hide it outside. Take as much advantage as possible with the ‘great outdoors.' But, be sure to keep the cannabis stash in an air tight container or zip lock bag. Hide it outside in a flower bed, in the bushes or under a rock.

Fake Rock

Previously, we told you to hide it under a rock outside, but you can also get one of those fake rocks at your local store and put it under that rock too. People use fake rocks to hide their spare keys and it is the perfect solution for hiding your cannabis stash. Be sure to use a waterproof zip lock bag to hide it under the fake rock. This reduces the smell too.

Unused Electronics

You can also hide your cannabis stash in an old or unused electronic device such as an old cell phone, radio or personal computer. However, you should make sure it is in an enclosed zip lock bag or container. And you should ensure that the device is unplugged or it might become a fire hazard. If you are using a cell phone, hide in the battery compartment, but make sure you remove the battery.

Household Items

You can also use a household item to camouflage and hide your cannabis stash. For example, an empty paint can, an empty bottle of household cleaner, a vitamin or shampoo bottle or a deodorant bottle are some of the items that you can use.

Wall Clock

You can also hide your cannabis stash behind the wall clock in your home. Use two AA batteries as coverage. This is an ideal place because it is away from plain sight and harder to be discovered.

More Cannabis Tips

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