Top Colorado Cannabis Dispensaries

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Top Colorado Cannabis Dispensaries

It was in 2012 that Colorado's legislation for recreational marijuana was approved. Of course, many recreational cannabis users were thrilled. Colorado is now one of the states in America that allows adults of legal age to buy marijuana in its various forms. This also includes the accessories. However, adults are not legally able to purchase cannabis without having a valid ID and special paperwork. All owners of cannabis dispensaries in the state of Colorado and in other legal states have to adhere to the legal guidelines.

More Cannabis Sales

Since the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado, several business owners have rushed to handle the obvious demands that existed. The 2015 sales of legal marijuana went up to $5.4 billion nationwide as reported by CNBC. Below are some of the top cannabis dispensaries in Colorado that sell recreational weed.

Top Colorado Cannabis Dispensaries

Emerald Fields

Emerald Fields is located on the outskirts of Colorado Springs. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries that also has a branch in the Glendale area. On their website, their mantra is “We respect the marijuana culture and want to share this product with all of our guests in the safest, most responsible and compliant way.” If you were to search for customer reviews about the Emerald Fields experience, you would find mostly positive reviews mentioning their lower prices.

The Giving Tree of Denver

The Giving Tree is one of the Denver cannabis dispensaries on the list of popular weed shops in the city. The staff are knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. The atmosphere is very laid back. The dispensary sells both recreational and medical marijuana.

Colorado Harvest Company

The Colorado Harvest Company is located in the city of Denver and one of the companies that has three cannabis dispensaries and another one to be opened in the near future. The dispensary sells both recreational and medical marijuana. Reviews online indicate that the staff are friendly and the products are of the highest quality.

Natural Remedies

The Natural Remedies is also one of the cannabis dispensaries that has garnered a lot of popularity among Denver's marijuana users and weed smokers. You can expect to be treated with kindness, patience and respect by the employees. In addition, budtenders are quite knowledgeable and the dispensary boasts a large variety of products on their website.

The Family Joint

The Family Joint is located in Colorado Springs. You can expect to have a sociable experience here because as their name suggest, the company has a family atmosphere and themed nights with live music and their marijuana strains put on display. The setting makes you just want to chill. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries that would be highly recommended to recreational marijuana users.

Denver Recreational

Located in Denver, the Denver Recreational dispensary specializes in recreational cannabis and not medical cannabis. Moreover, the company produces their recreational marijuana in small batches. You can expect to enjoy daily deals, which you will see listed on their website. The dispensary also has a wide variety of cannabis strains.

Fresh Baked

Fresh Baked is located in Boulder, Colorado. This cannabis dispensary takes pride in the fact that they have won several prestigious awards that include the “High Times Cannabis Cup.” The service is friendly and the environment is welcoming. ┬áThe staff at the Fresh Baked marijuana dispensary are patient, friendly and knowledgeable about various cannabis strains.

Infinite Wellness Center

The Infinite Wellness Center is located on 900 N College Avenue in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries that offer a high quality of cannabis products with affordable pricing and excellent service.

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