Marijuana Dispensaries That Changed The Landscape

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Here we will look at some of the marijuana dispensaries that changed the landscape. If you want to know about marijuana farming, it has been going on since ten thousand years ago until now. So, this is nothing new. Some advocates believe that the marijuana plant is the first that was cultivated back then.

However, this is not a certainty. And no one can lay any claim to the culture; neither can marijuana dispensaries nor cannabis dealers put themselves in the cultivation catalyst seat. The industry and market is so broad that no one can take credit.

However, there are people who have advocated for marijuana legalization; some of whom haven’t even lived to see how far and how close we have come to being fully legalized across the nation.

There are many who still seek to undermine the benefits of the plant and are willing to still justify prohibition instead of decriminalization and so the fight continues. Let us take a look at the marijuana dispensaries that have changed the landscape to get us further along.

Mellow Yellow

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Mellow Yellow is owned by Wernard Bruining. He has owned it since 1972 when he and some students tried to exercise rights to an abandoned bakery. He and his friends transformed the old bakery into a teahouse. Soon, it began to draw crowds of people because of its fresh hashish.

When he was asked why he opened up shop, his reply was that he was tired of selling the hash from his apartment because the customers were growing and the small space was no longer helpful. Each visitor would get a cup of tea while there and so that is the reason he decided to open a teahouse.

On several occasions, Mellow Yellow was raided by police, but they were never able to discover the inventory. It was hidden in a book shop nearby. Because of being able to hide their inventory from police for so long, other competitors took notice and then decided to open up their own ship and that is when the first coffee shop was opened in the Netherlands.

Freak Street

Freak Street is located in Kathmandu, Nepal and has been in business since the 1960s during the hippie era where influx of students wandered from areas in Europe and North America and ended up in Nepal. Kathmandu was ready for them because most of the marijuana dispensaries were owned by the government.

People sold hashish openly in restaurants and shops and so it was easy to get; setting precedence and changing the landscape of the cannabis industry.


Located in Santa Cruz, California, WAMM is described as setting the gold standard for medical cannabis. It was done by a federal judge, if you could even guess. How did this begin? It started with a married couple Valerie and Mike Corral in 1993. At the time, Valerie was experiencing frequent seizures that were hard on her health. So, she and her husband began to cultivate their own marijuana supply and of course, they experienced several arrests as a result.

They were determined though and so they created their cannabis collective to see if they could help other people like Valerie to find treatment for their health issues. This collective or cannabis business is known as Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM). Their local mayor was on their side and that probably helped to propel them forward.

San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club

Located in San Francisco, California, the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club owned by Dennis Peron became known for its iconic stance as it related to the medical marijuana movement. He was also determined to provide marijuana to those who had AIDS in San Francisco and he too had multiple arrests by law enforcement because of his efforts. The late Dennis Peron is known for his community organization during the 1990s and everyone knew him as an upstanding citizen.

He opened up one of the best marijuana dispensaries in the area to serve the sick. In fact, it is in his dispensary that he did all of his political organizing. Today, this is one of the marijuana dispensaries that offer products such as topical, tinctures, edibles, organic flowers and health products.

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