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Green Mountain dispensary review time. Two years have passed since Oklahoma voted for legalizing medical marijuana. Although it took some time, people are now becoming more and more aware of the medicinal properties of marijuana. Claremore is acting as the hub for medicinal cannabis in Oklahoma state. There are many medicinal dispensaries in Rogers county. So, I thought, it is high time to review some of these. I took a look at the Green Mountain Dispensary of Claremore city. I must say what I have seen from them has impressed me.

Medicinal Marijuana in Oklahoma

Medicinal marijuana has come a long way. In the last two years, new policies have evolved and people are now more conscious about the quality of medicinal marijuana. People are using marijuana for all kinds of physical concerns. Many people are using them for back pain, while some of us are getting cannabis for migraines. People with Epilepsy, PTSD, or Cancer are also now trying the pot for medicinal attributes. Also, some people are using marijuana to get rid of stress and get relief from anxiety.

As of the latest estimation, there are more than a hundred thousand patients who are regularly using marijuana. If you are still new to these, then remember you cannot buy medicinal cannabis like OTC medicine. You need to contact your physician or anyone who has a dispensary license. If they think you are eligible to get medicinal marijuana, only then they will recommend you for a medical cannabis card.  After that buying marijuana products is as simple as it gets.

Green Mountain Dispensary Products

We have already said, Claremore is like a hub for the medicinal cannabis business. Most of the licensed growers of Rogers County are from here. Local growers can ensure the quality and integrity of the marijuana extraction process. Sometimes, people from Burlington come here to get their weed. Green Mountain Dispensary collects its products from authentic and reputed growers. The dispensary ensures the extraction and refinement of the weed were approved by FDI.

You can find the dispensary without any hassle.  The shop is located at 774 ½, South Lynn Riggs Boulevard. It is on the same road as La Quinta Inn & Suites. Anyone can reach the dispensary from Claremore Indian Hospital. And, if you want to have the product delivered to your home, contact them by phone or email.

What Can You Get at Green Mountain Dispensary?

The Green Mountain Dispensary has a great range of marijuana products. You can get all the known and favorite strains here.  Let’s have a look at what they are offering for the customers.

Cannabis Flower:

An avid cannabis taker knows the best way to enjoy a pot is by getting the right kind of flower. You can get the OG Kush, Purple Punch, New York Diesel, and Blue Haze. All of them are known for their quality. If you are suffering from migraine or back pain, you should try these strains. This dispensary also has the platinum cookie, Forbidden fruit on its display. They have 20 varieties of strain in the shop.

Weed filled Pre-rolled joints:

Many people are now trying marijuana for medicinal purposes. And, as they never tried marijuana before, the process can be confusing for them.  This Claremore dispensary has thought of the predicament and offers pre-rolled joints for them. They can now buy those from the shop and enjoy the medicinal effect of cannabis without any hassle.


Many people don’t like the psychotic effect of weed. Green Mountain has CBD products for those people. CBD products have a calming effect on the body and have inflammatory properties. So, you can use them to get rid of pain and anxiety.

Weed Edibles:

Some people cannot be bothered with rolling a joint and smoking weed.  For those people, Green Mountain provides edibles. Anyone can grab one and slip one on the mouth. So, you don’t need to worry about rolling paper, lighters, bongs, and such things.

THC Cartridges:

While some of us are still relying on pre-rolled joints, some are entering the world of vaping. This advanced system will get you high a lot faster. If you are suffering from chronic pain, the THC cartridge can be the best buddy for you.

Cannabis Wax:

These are marijuana concentrate. You may know these by other names like Dab or shatter. These are oily substances that are procured by a complex extraction process. Only expert users should try these. Wax has the highest percentages of THC on them, so you should get them before sleep or when you can lie down for a time.


As the name suggests, these are the priciest marijuana products you can get. They contain 99% THCA, which means the purest form of cannabinoid you can get in the market. But, their high potency means, you need to be careful around them. Only use them if you have chronic pain and a physician recommends those.

Glass Pieces:

If you use medicinal marijuana regularly, you will need one of these. Green Mountain dispensary has a large collection of pipes, bongs, and bowls in their collection.  They are stylish and will enhance your weed inhalation experience.


Medicinal marijuana is getting momentum in Oklahoma. People are now more open to this new kind of treatment plan. Every day more people are trying new things. But, the new experience can turn sour if you don’t get the product from a reliable source. Like every new venture, more and more dispensaries are popping in the state.  If you are searching for a dispensary to get medicinal cannabis, there will be lots of new names today.

But, Green mountain is not one of those that just popped for a quick buck. I had a look around and talked with the staff of the dispensary. They are knowledgeable and can help you with product selection. They will listen to your problem and suggest the best strain for that. The staff are well trained and explain the best way to get the benefit of medicinal cannabis. I think if you live in Oklahoma, then give Green Mountain Dispensary a chance.

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