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There are so many marijuana dispensaries opening up around the world and in the United States. The cause is marijuana legalization being embraced in many locations as people become more in tuned with the benefits involved. A lot of marijuana dispensaries want to stay ahead of their game by complying with the laws as they are adjusted.

Today, people do not have to hit the black market for their small bag of weed because the law provides a way for them to get their medical cannabis through legal entities. Not all states have legalized marijuana, but many advocates believe that it is only a matter of time before it happens.

And so it is best to be prepared as industry leaders are doing. Let us look at some of the distinctive and impressive marijuana dispensaries that you can rely on for good products and for obeying the laws set forth.

La Mota

Located in Portland, Oregon, La Mota is one of the marijuana dispensaries that sit on two and a half acres of land, but not just any land. It is located right next to an 1877 graveyard. So, some people think that is spooky. But, don’t let this alarm you. Many customers buy their weed and go stroll in the historical graveyard.

Discovery Bay Cannabis

The Discovery Bay Cannabis dispensary is located in Port Townsend, Washington, which is a serene and cozy city. The dispensary is colorful and in a convenient location. It has a comfortable setting and great ambience so that you feel welcomed as you walk into the inviting atmosphere.


Located in San Diego, California, Apothekare is also one of the most unique marijuana dispensaries that have become quite popular. It is a shared space with a Fiat car dealership and so it mirrors the sleek look of the dealership.

If you plan to check out the dealership, stop in to see the menu with quality buds that you would definitely love. In fact, their inventory includes cannabis-infused edibles such as chocolate and cake, which you could consider as a Valentine’s Day gift or Christmas present. This dispensary also has amazing deals every day!

Om of Medicine

One of the most distinctive marijuana dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Michigan is Om of Medicine, which is vibrant, warm and whimsical. When you walk through the doors, you will feel like you are in one of your neighbor’s living room. It is artistic, playful and has a lot of frills.

The environment is fun and so you don’t feel like ever leaving. Check out their orb chairs, which is good for relaxing and there is a guitar that you can strum on as you wait to choose from their quality inventory of products.

Union Collective – Pre Ico

In Los Angeles, California is one of the most popular marijuana dispensaries in the area. It is known as Union Collective – PreIco. It is housed in a large black building.

The dispensary not only sells marijuana buds, but also beverages and so you can stop in to have both. There is a coffee shop onsite as well where you can get your THC fix and some caffeine.

Uncle Herbs Health Center

In Payson, Arizona, one of the most unique marijuana dispensaries is Uncle Herb’s Health Center. The building is designed to represent the historical general store of the 1920s.

Its brick walls are faded to show that it has been around for a while. Inside is a gum-ball machine as well as marijuana products displayed on several wooden shelves. Set in the boundaries of nature, this old dispensary is homey and quite welcoming.

How To Open a Dispensary in the United States

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