Top Dispensaries in Brandon Florida


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Top Dispensaries in Brandon, Florida


Let’s take a look at the top dispensaries in Brandon, Florida for 2020. Brandon, Florida is a city very close to Tampa, Florida and has grown a lot over recent years. Now with legal cannabis in Florida, dispensaries are becoming more prevalent in Florida every month. Here are the top dispensaries in Brandon, Florida for 2020.

Brandon Florida Dispensaries 

GrowHealthy Brandon

GrowHealthy is one of the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida. They make premier all-natural cannabis products. Growhealthy produces toxic-free medical cannabis products for their patients. 

Go to GrowHealthy Brandon if you’re looking for one of the top 5 dispensaries in Brandon Florida. 

Surterra Wellness-Brandon

Surterra Wellness of Brandon is one of Brandon’s best medical marijuana dispensaries. Their awesome cannabis products are grown in a state-of-the-art facility, the biggest cannabis greenhouse on the East Coast. 

Surterra sells some great marijuana concentrates, cannabis oils, cannabis transdermals, vape pens, and cannabis tinctures. Check out Surterra Wellness if you want to visit one of the top 5 dispensaries in Brandon, Florida. 

Brandon Florida Medical Marijuana Cards

Looking for a medical marijuana card in Brandon Florida so you can get some medical marijuana and be a legal cannabis patient in Florida?

Releaf MD

Releaf MD does medical marijuana recommendations in Florida, New York, and California. 

Florida MMJ cards at Releaf MD are $249.

The MMJ Certification renewal fee is $125.00.

Go to Releaf MD if you’re looking to become a Florida medical marijuana patient 

 All Natural Medical Marijuana Doctors, Cards, Clinics

All Natural Medical Marijuana Doctors, Cards, Clinics is one of the best places to get your Florida MMJ card. 

They are rated one of the top Florida medical marijuana doctors. 

They have locations all over Florida for your medical marijuana cards. 

Dr. Green Relief Brandon Marijuana Doctors

Dr. Green Relief Brandon Marijuana Doctors have some of the lowest priced medical marijuana certifications. 

They have approved thousands of patients in Florida for mmj cards. 

A new patient can get a Florida mmj card at Dr. Green Relief for only $199.

Then patients must renew every 210 days for $99 each time. 


Qualifying Medical Conditions for Florida Marijuana

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Florida here are some of the most popular medical conditions;





-Muscle Spasms



-Chronic Pain


Florida Cannabis Career Job Training Program

If you or someone you know is interested in starting a cannabis career in Florida or is looking for a Florida marijuana job, make sure they are aware that all the necessary cannabis training can be done online at the leading Florida Cannabis College, Cannabis Training University. 

Also often known as the Orlando Cannabis College, CTU is the leading marijuana school in the world with many thousands of graduates from over 20 countries. 

Cannabis Training University students learn how to grow weed, how to do cannabis extractions, medical marijuana laws, how to start a cannabis business, how to open a dispensary, CBD, Hemp, cannabis cooking techniques, how to write a marijuana business plan, where to invest in the cannabis industry, and many more areas of the booming cannabis industry.  Enroll at the Florida marijuana school today.


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