Top Beautiful Marijuana Dispensaries
Top Beautiful Cannabis Dispensaries waiting room.

Top Beautiful Marijuana Dispensaries

There is an influential group of amazing marijuana dispensaries across the United States and these serve as an inspiration of innovative design, unique aesthetics and sophisticated decor. You will find these from coast to coast and from north to south. Some are hidden in small cities while others can be found in bigger cities. This demonstrates the fact that marijuana is being embraced by people from all walks of life, all locations and all cultures. Some of these marijuana dispensaries are located in historic buildings while others reside in more contemporary buildings. It is obvious that every single look, layout and design was well considered because these are quite stunning to look at. Let's take a look at some of them.

New England Treatment Access

The New England Treatment Access is located in Brookline, MA and is housed in a historic building. If you walked by, you probably wouldn't think to find one of the most beautiful marijuana dispensaries in this building. This was no easy feat. There were numerous meetings, lawsuits and lobbying to get to this point. In February 2016, the advocates won and New England Treatment Access opened its doors to many marijuana enthusiasts.

Barbary Coast

The Barbary Coast is located in San Francisco, CA n a brick building with bar stools, accents and Oriental rug completing its design. This is one of the most luxurious marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco. You won't find the traditional sofas in this waiting room. Visitors will usually be seen relaxing in ornate couches with rich upholstery fabric. The menu is stylishly crafted like a marijuana catalog.

Serra – Downtown

Shop Serra is located in downtown Oregon and is designed beautifully. The interior is classic with black facade, Edison bulbs and all the essentials that a recreational user would be looking for. The decor is exquisitely done with enough space to provide room for all visitors. It reminds you of a museum.

Dispensary 33

The Dispensary 33 is located in Chicago, Illinois and is a beauty to behold. The walls are splashed with murals depicting the marijuana plant and its essential parts. The windows are unusually wide at the front of this marijuana dispensary store. This allows natural light to come inside, playing up the hardwood floors, counter displays and front desk. In the glass display, you will see luminous glass pipes as well as other cannabis products.


The Harvest is also one of the top beautiful marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco, California. It is similar to a coffee shop, but could also be seen as a natural cannabis market. When you walk in, you are provided with shopping baskets made of metal so that you can select your concentrates, strains, accessories and flowers as you peruse through the cozy, open space. Cheerful motifs and soft lighting makes visitors want to stay longer than they planned.

Level Up

One of the most sophisticated and elegant marijuana dispensaries in Scottsdale, Arizona is the Level Up. The interior comes to life as soon as you walk in. It also has a calming effect that consumers have come to enjoy. When you walk up to the front desk, you feel as if you are in a spa-like setting, which makes you feel at ease. Check out their customized and illuminated display showcase.


Check out the Farma, which is also one of the most exquisite marijuana dispensaries in Portland, Oregon. It was made with a clinical concept in mind. The walls are white, which allows the bright lighting to redefine the smooth surfaces. In the interior are blue bar chairs and a circular rug in the middle that provides a comforting touch.

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