Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington for 2020
Women packing weed at a cannabis dispensary

Women packing weed at a cannabis dispensary in Washington

These are the top 10 cannabis dispensaries in Washington for 2020. These are being talked about by visitors and residents in the state. If you are ever in Washington, you may want to visit these cannabis dispensaries to get the highest quality cannabis products. Let's take a look at ten of these increasingly popular cannabis dispensaries.

The Novel Tree

The Novel Tree is located at 1817 130th Ave NE Suite B Bellevue in the state of Washington and it is also one of the best recreational cannabis dispensaries in the area. This dispensary has a marijuana bud bar as well as a glass art gallery, which makes this location quite unique and innovative. The owners take pride in focusing on cannabis product curating and building the marijuana movement.

Cannabis & Glass

This marijuana dispensary, the Cannabis & Glass is located at 6620 N Market St. Suite 100 Spokane, Washington.. This is one of the cannabis dispensaries that services many recreational marijuana users. This dispensary takes pride in offering lower priced recreational marijuana. None of its marijuana buds are priced over ten dollars.

Ganja Goddess

Located at 3207 1st Ave S Seattle in the state of Washington, Ganja Goddess is also one of the ideal recreational cannabis dispensaries. There is a wide inventory of cannabis products sold for $10 per gram. The location is close to the downtown area and easily accessible to customers.

Bud Hut in Everett

Bud Hunt is located in 11603 Highway 99 Everett, WA and is known as one of the most reputable cannabis dispensaries in that area. The company also other locations including on Camano Island and one in Puget Sound.

Issaquah Cannabis Company

Issaquah Cannabis Company in 230 NE Juniper Street Suite 201 Issaquah, WA services the local public and the online community. The cannabis products at this cannabis dispensary are high quality and the prices are affordable.


KushMart is located at 6309 Evergreen Way Ste C Everett, WA and this is one of the cannabis dispensaries that takes pride in its competitive pricing and high quality cannabis strains. It is at a prime location to make it more accessible to customers.

The Evergreen Market

Located in 409 Rainier Ave North Renton, WA, the Evergreen Market has a diverse number of cannabis products. It also hosts an education bar where you can learn more about their cannabis products. Their budtenders are amazing, providing well-needed information to its patrons.

Washington Herbal Remedies

Washington Herbal Remedies is located in 14626 Washington 99 Lynnwood, WA. It is one of the best medical cannabis dispensaries to serve medical cannabis patients locally. Their medical cannabis comes from high quality strains at affordable prices. This is the ideal place for medical cannabis patients.

The Gallery

The Gallery is located at 13005 Pacific Ave S Tacoma, WA and is designed as a high-end dispensary that offers high quality cannabis products including glassware. Paintings similar to what you see in a gallery can be seen lining the walls.

Green Collar Cannabis

Located at 10422 Pacific Ave South Suite B Tacoma, WA, Green Collar Cannabis carries a host of cannabis products including marijuana buds, edibles marijuana plants and concentrates. The dispensary also has a wide array of accessories and glass to choose from.

Be sure to check out some of the Top 10 Cannabis Dispensaries in Washington for 2020 next time you visit!

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