Top Marijuana Edibles For Holiday Parties
Top Cannabis Edibles. Brownie with chocolate drizzled on it

Top Marijuana Edibles For Holiday Parties

Let's look at some of the top marijuana edibles For Holiday parties.

As the holiday season comes around, you might not want to think about eating more food. But, now we are about to mention marijuana edibles. Don't worry. You won't over eat edibles or you might end up feeling paranoid and sick to your stomach so bear with us as we tell you how you can enjoy the top marijuana edibles during the holidays. Let's dive in.

California Dreamin'

If you love sodas, then you should consider the low dose marijuana sodas made by California Dreamin'. This particular beverage is made of marijuana, fruit juice ad carbonation. The company carefully crafts this beverage to not just taste good, but has a pleasurable and light buzz as it has the ideal dosage of 10mg of THC. So, it is not too much THC that you won't still be alert enough to enjoy it.

Once it is ingested, the drink will make you feel that light buzz in about 20 minutes. That is half the time it takes to have the same feeling when you eat marijuana edibles. The beverage comes in a variety of four flavors; namely Pomegranate, Cranberry Apple, Grapefruit and Tangerine. California Dreamin' is licensed to retail its beverage in the state of California.

Keef Colas

If you are the kind of person that loves a good sugar rush, you will love the beverage that Keef Colas make and sell. The colas are infused with cannabis. The company also retails Keef Sparkling, which is also a cannabis-infused beverage, but this one has no calories. So, if you are health conscious, you will love this one.

If you are looking for a heavy hitter, then you will love Keef Life, which is another cannabis infused beverage, but this one has 100mg of THC content.

Mood 33

If you are looking for an herbal beverage that has only natural ingredients, you will love the sparkling beverage that Mood 33 retails. It is mixed with both THC and CBD content. It comes in a 12 ounce bottle and has only 33 calories for those who are watching their calories. This brand was made as a substitute for smoke-free cannabis products, especially if you are not a smoker. However, you can still get the same effect from this herbal drink as you would with your marijuana joint.

Moreover, this is an ideal way for you to enjoy cannabis while you are in public. Try green tea flavor because it is much milder and designed to maintain the elevation of your mood once you secure a ‘high.'

Saka Wines

If you are a wine drinker and an avid stoner, then you should try Saka Wines, which is considered one of the top marijuana edibles that you should include in your holiday settings, especially, if you are having a party at home or elsewhere. There is no alcohol in the wine, but the blend of cannabis makes it able to give you that ‘high.'

It is odorless and water soluble with an even ratio of CBD and THC. Saka Wines produces various kinds of wines; one of which is a Pinot-Noir. Once you have your wine, it is now time to get your chocolate.

Coda Signature

Gourmet chocolate would be the first choice. Coda Signature makes room for chocolate lovers and stoners by providing some of their best marijuana edibles to date. The owner of this company is Lauren Gockley who has more than ten years experience working with chocolate.

The best product that won an award at the Colorado Cannabis Cup in 2016 is the Crescendo Collection. It is available in many local marijuana dispensaries in the state of Colorado.


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