Delicious Medical Marijuana For Dogs Recipe
bowl of dog food with marijuana leaf, medical marijuana for dogs recipe

Marijuana Dog Food

Most people have wondered how cannabis for dogs could benefit their furry friends. A number of cannabis enthusiasts have seriously considered dog weed treats to address anxiety or inflammation in their canines. CBD has shown great relief for dogs.

Can You Give Dogs Cannabis Oil?

The question before reading the rest of the recipe is can you give dogs cannabis oil? There is a huge difference between CBD and THC as THC has psychoactive effects or put simply, it gets you high. We do not recommend giving cannabis oil that has THC in it to your dogs.

THC can have side effects like becoming paranoid or having a hard time walking straight. You obviously cannot explain to your dog what it is like to be high so avoid using THC unless your dog doesn’t find any relief from CBD.

CBD for dogs has been found to be immensely helpful. Pet owners have found CBD to be great for dogs who are scared of thunderstorms. The CBD can provide relief from anxiety that comes along with thunder. Observing your pets is very important as they cannot directly tell you what is wrong so you have to look for the signs.

CBD and THC Oil For Dogs

THC oil for dogs needs to be used quite carefully as it can be harmful if used in excess. While a dog might see their pain fade, this is the same effect many will get from CBD. CBD oil for dogs poses far less of a risk while maintaining similar benefits. The oils can easily be put into treats or baked into treats for dog edibles.

Benefits Of Cannabis For Dogs

Dog anxiety products can contain CBD as this comes in handy when there are fireworks or intense thunderstorms. These can come in treat forms like biscuits or through CBD pet drops where you just put them on your dog’s tongue. If you are worried about your dog on edibles, you should slowly work dosages up as tolerance can depend on size, tolerance, and sensitivity of the cannabinoid system.

Medical Marijuana For Dogs Recipes

Finding a CBD dog treat recipe can allow you to give your dog a treat that benefits their health that they enjoy. All dogs have different preferences but nearly all dogs love chick or beef.

Bunless CBD Chicken or Beef Sliders With Cheese

This recipe is first on this list as this author actually has a dog that hates peanut butter which most recipes would incorporate. Cheese and meat without the bun is a treat that is relatively healthy for your dog.


  • Make small patties out of the chicken or beef you are using. Avoid seasoning though as dogs can have issues with garlic and onion powder.
  • Use a small pan to fry these up. Remember, most dogs with stomachs that are not sensitive can eat meat that is more raw than you would prefer.
  • As you are finishing up on the pain, put the CBD oil on top or inject inside of the burger then immediately put the cheese on then remove from pan.
  • Allow for this to sit for a few minutes in your dogs bowl. You don’t want the CBD oil to drip onto a paper towel. These shouldn’t be huge patties so it should be a quick bite for y our dog to eat.
  • Fish can also be used but make sure it is cooked especially for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • An oven can be used but with small sliders, it should take a minute or two on each side at most in a pan.

Sweet Potato Fries

While most dogs love biscuits as a treat, others want to feel like they are eating with the family. Sweet potato fries can be a healthy treat that isn’t going to be too hard on your dog’s stomach. Anyone with an air fryer should not have an issue making these in a matter of minutes.


  • Thinly cut a sweet potato into fries that a size-appropriate for your dogs treat. These can be frozen if you are feeling a bit lazy but you’d rather use fresh ingredients for your dog.
  • Put fries into an air fryer or onto a baking sheet.
  • Heat the over to 450 degrees and bake for 15 to 25 minutes. Use a bit of butter to help these achieve crispiness.
  • Take fries out of the over and start applying a bit of CBD oil as they cool. CBD oil can also be added at the halfway point of being in the oven or air fryer.
  • Put fries in a bowl to avoid any CBD oil being lost after cooling on the baking sheet.
  • The entire family can enjoy these CBD treats which is just an added bonus for any pet owner.

The Good Old Lazy Approach

You can turn anything into cannabis oil treats by putting CBD oil on what they are eating. There are some dogs that are pickier than others which is something to keep in mind. Even putting some oil on a table scrap your dog is begging for can provide them relief while making them insanely happy.


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