Top Ways To Make Weed Stash Last Longer

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Each time, you get to the bottom of your marijuana jar; you get to realize then that you have a low weed stash, which you did not realize before. So it caught you off guard and now you are out of weed. What do you do?

There are specific ways that you can make your marijuana purchase last much longer in between your marijuana dispensary visits. While you may have to make some minor changes to your cannabis consumption, if you also do these things, it will save you so much more money, keeping money in your purse or wallet. Below are some pointers to follow. You will learn how to allocate your weed and your cash and still be able to get high.

Purchase in Bulk

One thing to consider is to purchase your weed in bulk, distributing evenly so you know how many days it will last you. Your weed stash could last much longer, if you buy 14 grams or half ounce instead of just an eighth of an ounce at a time, this is the cheapest way to buy. So this is what you should do. Take the half an ounce or 14 grams and break it up in quantities of 1 gram, bagging and storing it. You could even go a step further and label each bag with each day of the week. This will help you to keep track and know when you have depleted your weed stash.

Smoke At the End of The Day

Some people cannot start their day without smoking weed in the morning and throughout the day. Why not think about waiting until the end of the day to do so or take a marijuana break? By that time, you would have completed all your responsibilities and have time to relax. Instead of using up your weed stash in the morning, wait until late evening or at night to pamper yourself and then go to bed feeling high.

Higher Level of THC

Your weed can stretch for a few additional weeks by doing one hit at a time by using a strong cannabis strain, which gives you a better high. Or smoke a glass pipe packed with good marijuana strain that has a higher THC potency. You can go ahead and use a chillum pipe or chillum bowl. This will give you four to five hits at a time.

Glass Pipes

If you want to conserve your weed stash, then use a glass pipe or glass bowl. Usually a pipe might cost around $15, which allows you to save money. In addition, glass pipes are easier to clean and you will use less weed each time that you fill it up. In fact, it will last you longer than a blunt or marijuana joint.

Smoking Fewer Marijuana Joints

At a bare minimum, the average marijuana joint might run a half of a gram. One rolled joint will generally be about .75 grams at a time. If you smoke up to three times each day, it could add up. To make your weed stash last longer, smoke fewer marijuana joints per day. If you want your weed to stretch, do not make the mistake of smoking all day long. You could even leave smoking weed for the weekend. Yes, slow down with how many joints you roll each day.

Cut Off the Beggars

Another way to make weed stash last longer, cut off the people who mooch on you for weed. You cannot be the only one who always has a weed stash that you provide to others. Let them buy their own. Without being rude, let your friends know that you have to buy this and you are working on a budget and you buy just enough for your own personal use.

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