Top Things Learned From Marijuana Events in 2017

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There are some top things that were learned from the 2017 marijuana events held in the United States and around the world. The cannabis industry spent a hundred thousand dollars on policing marijuana events in 2017.

This meant that there were numerous police officers at these events. Minors were not allowed to buy weed at the events and police officers did not want to be placed in a position where they had to arrest minors for buying weed.

The event sponsors or organizers worked it out with the police officers that once they see minors buying weed, they would alert the sponsors and they would put a stop to it. However, the event sponsors and organizers did not want arrests to take place because it would disrupt the marijuana events.

Police Presence

The police presence at the marijuana events was heavy and none of the event organizers were altered by the police officers about minors buying weed. No booth owner, security officers or volunteers saw any minors buying weed. One of the things that prevented this was the fact that every booth owner is supposed to ask for a valid ID and if someone was underage, they would be turned away. In comparison to marijuana events, nightclubs, liquor stores and restaurants have failed to prevent minors from purchasing products not meant for underage kids. The marijuana events do a good job to limit purchases to adults.

Expensive Police Patrol

The other lesson that was learned in Vancouver, Canada, for example is that to hire police offices, it can get quite expensive. Hiring police officers for marijuana events can total thousands of dollars, but the provinces will not allow an event to take place without police presence. In fact, they will tell you how many police officers you have to use. There are groups that will gather outside the marijuana events and so, police officers have to be hired to deal with the antagonistic and disruptive behavior that might take place. In some cases, these groups will try to shut down the streets. Organizers have to pay each police officer more than $120 per hour and this can add up, depending on how many officers are deployed and the police decides how many. However, it is important to keep the event safe and so police officers are a significant addition to the marijuana events.

The Vancouver Park Board

Thirdly, the Vancouver Park Board, for example exhibited a lot of hostility and intolerance, but this is due to the right wing party, which is known as NPA or Non-Partisan Association, which dominates the Vancouver Park Board. They are known for their anti-cannabis stance and have gone so far as to issue orders of closures for all medical marijuana dispensaries located in the city. This is an extremist action to have; essentially costing millions of dollars for the police to enforce. The association seems to have the feeling that it is their responsibility to prevent individuals from using their public parks and that includes organizers and sponsors of the marijuana events. In fact, the same association banned a non-profit organization recently that offered free yoga classes to residents in the community using the Dude Chilling Park. They also wanted to ban all marijuana events from taking place at Sunset Beach. So it was a constant fight to get a permit for public parks.

Final Summary

Lastly, the one thing that was evident about marijuana events is that most people love them. In fact, organizers do not have to promote or advertise these marijuana events once they have become a yearly thing. Vancouver, Canada and other places around the world are the same thing.

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